PeoplePower Points: Your opinion on the issue of black sand mining in Ilocos Region and Cagayan

Collected by iSAVE
Jefferson Toledo Riambon. "Baka isu daytoy ti mangibus iti adu a biag ditoy ilocos sur. sadanto la ammo ti agtignay no adda mapasamak nga madi dta ilocos sur! Adun to man to nakakaasi nga tattaon agpayso nga nasayaat ti ited na kadatayo ngem nya supapaknanto didigra iyadayo koma ni apo dios ti kasta nga maasamak! GOd bless ilocos sur."

Luciano Jr R. "it is very sad that the local officials can not stop this operation on the took a hundred years before it reached the present shoreline and at the rate it is going it will just take 20 years to reach the sta catalina church...and in a hundred years vigan will be eaten up by the sea..."

Inang Laya. "its hopeless to hope on local officials given the political under currents of ilocos sur...more dreadful than black sand mining is the political lordism in ilocos sur."

Eden Rafanan, Sta. Catalina. fear that they would lose their farm lands to the sea. These are small farmers. Please stop the balck sand mining. Only very few rich people will benefit from the mining. 

RANDELL DAN DALIRE. the income and livelihood generated by mineral extraction activities are lucrative but are masquerades of a greater and more dangerous compromise. These are short term incomes derived from activities that lay waste the environment after ruthless extraction, letting suffer for a long term span!

Honey Lei, Alfonso National High School. slowly but surely our environment broke. its glives many fellow man work but on the otherside they also gives us headache

Ed T. Quio,
University of the Philippines Diliman. the quarrying will change and disfigure the contour of the beach, seabed and coastline in the medium-long term that would disturb ecological balance and disrupt if not dislocate economic opportunities and activities. on the other hand, there would be employment opportunities to local residents, income for the local government, service and support business linkages creation and development contributions from the mining companies who may be required to strictly observe development and environmental rules in the conduct of their activities. the local and national governments and local residents will have to consider real medium-long term advantages and benefits against opposite. as to appeal or petition to the President, this blog or post will not serve the purpose. there were mining permits already issued and perhaps more to be approved. with permits issued, the way to stop their use is for court order by TRO and INJUNCTION and a separate formal letter to the President. you see, the executive branch thru the BMGS, DENR and LGUs. under their mandates have issued the permits and the way to question and stop them is to raise issue on their legality or constitutionality in the grant being contrary to the Constitution, applicable law or ordinance or in abuse of authority or discretion of the approving public officials. any local taxpayer of an affected town or province will have the legal personality and standing to file the petition in the CA or SC. any person or group can send the separate letter to the President. at the local level, affected or interested residents may organize in cooperation with environmental cause groups and socio-civic organizations to stage protests in the immediate area and before the local government involved. certainly, it cannot be helped from out of the country.
Albert Rosario Rabe. Black Sand Mining Business Aggression is Terrorizing People and Plundering the Land called Sta. Catalina
Edgar Rilcopiro Ridor. The San Vicente coastal area is being"GUARDED" and photographs is banned? WHY????

While it is true that black sand mining can bring forth progress, I cannot restrain myself from thinking that this would bring adverse effect on the part of the earth where black sand mining is carried out. The ravenous act for wealth and progress could possibly turn everything to nowhere. Before this thing happens, everyone should be cognizant of the responsibility entailed in the privilege to make use of our natural resources. Our political leaders should not abuse the concession but they should have the heart to consider the importance of caring, protecting and saving the earth.

saka na lang magsisisi kung nasa huli na...when disasters come because of these...
NO, NO & NO to black mining in Ilocos particularly here in Sto. Domingo... Satan is behind this movement...
@elkenley  kenley filarca
"because of that mining, i believe that end of the world is near. You may see the effect in Sta. Catalina beach now!"
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