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Aina kisses Daniel

Despite Chevin and Cess leaving the Big Brother house during the first eviction night of PBB All In, Daniel surprised everyone with his arrival. But wait, did the Dancing Bombshell kiss the "King"? Yes, the housemates forced Aina to do so.

Download video here.


PBB Teens 4 Housemate "Alec Dungo" caught masturbating under the blanket

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Alec and Jai had a dare on looking each other eye to eye for the longest time and Alec in an instant kissed Jai.

Watch the video below:

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Alec said sorry to Jai after what happened, regretting his stupidity on doing such a thing that may ruin their good relationship as friends still getting to know each other. He confessed that it was not an accident (as others pointed out Kit pushed Alec making him kiss Jai) and there's some devil inside him that pushed him to do that.

Watch the whole conversation of Alec and Jai below:
"Doing the right thing is always better than being nice." This line made Alec to Jai a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

A kissing photo of Keith Thompson and Yves Flores is getting some attention on the internet.

It’s not really an intentional kiss. It happened during a game where the teen housemates had to pass pieces of cards using only their lips.

Other controversial photos and videos inside the Big Brother house from the past seasons.

Here's a controversial photo and video from Pinoy Big Brother Season 1. Housemates were seen kissing each other.

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Censorship issues

In a March 22 memorandum, the movie-TV board took the network to task for airing the "naughty actuations" of a female housemate later identified as Dionne Monsanto of Cebu by MTRCB chair Ma. Consoliza P. Laguardia. According to Laguardia, Dionne "inserted her hands in the underwear" of Zeke Dimaguila of in the March 20 episode. In the same memo, the network's representatives were invited to a meeting on March 27 at the board's office in Quezon City. As a result of the hearing, Laurenti M. Dyogi, PBB director and ABS-CBN business unit head, wrote a letter to Laguardia. In the letter dated March 27, Dyogi stated that the network would issue an apology to viewers who may have been offended by Dionne's behavior. As promised, show host Toni Gonzaga said sorry on PBB's March 27 episode. Laguardia also expressed satisfaction that the camera is no longer focusing on Dionne. In his March 27 letter, Dyogi assured Laguardia that PBB would avoid giving exposure to Dionne. Dyogi also promised that the show would check the behavior of Dionne, through a reprimand and a directive from Big Brother. Dionne was also prohibited from having any interaction with Zeke from March 28 to March 31. Dyogi's letter said, "Big Brother would also remind all housemates to conduct themselves properly while they are in the house."

As reported by Bruce Quebral talks about his desire to see snow with Tja, when he was in Big Brother Slovenia. Alen inadvertently says that Miha wants to “masturbate Bruce."

“It’s okay,” says Bruce.

Hermes goodbye kiss to Katlin in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up 


MASTURBATION. Did Kuya allow them to discuss this topic? Cathy started this topic and proudly said she is not virgin. Rob answered, "Dude, can you stop what youre doing?!"

PBB Teen Clash 2010: Ivan and Ann Kissing

Viewers of PBB Teen Clash 2010 live streams all over the world had the shock of their lives when two teen housemates, particularly Ivan Dorschner and Ann Li, kissed infront of housemates as a kiss dare consequence during a spin-the-bottle game. Allegedly, the kissing dare was the idea of pinoy teen housemate Joe Vargas. Ivan and Ann’s lips were supposed to be covered with a tissue but both proceeded with the kissing scene without it. According to commenters at YouTube, although not seen on the video, Tricia and James (Trimes ) had also kissed lips-to-lips.

Immediately after the controversial kiss, Kuya instructed all the housemates to go inside the confession room.

Watch the video below:

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Ryan Bang Kissing James Reid

James Reid and Bret Jackson caught playing with each other. Pinoy Big Brother should prohibit these acts inside the Big Brother house. Some viewers say it's edited.

The kissing moment on Pinoy Big Brother  of Kevin Fowler and Tin Patrimonio stirs up online.
The kissing was a consequence of spin the bottle which they played.

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