'Lorax' Star Zac Efron Laughs Off Red-Carpet Condom Drop

He rose to fame as one of the impossibly wholesome stars of Disney's High School Musical series.
But there's no doubt that Zac Efron, now 24, is all grown up.

And the actor showed some rather immediate evidence of this at the premiere of his new Dr. Seuss film, The Lorax at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

In a video which has now gone viral, Zac is seen approaching a fan to greet them, when he accidentally drops a condom on the red carpet. 

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Slight mishap! Zac Efron suffered some embarrassment on The Lorax premiere red carpet at Universal Studios Hollywood

Whoops! A gold condom-sized packet was seen falling out of Zac's pocket as he greeted a woman

He swept up the contraceptive immediately, grinning sheepishly and immediately put his sunglasses on as he continued on his way.

He coughed with and held his hand to his mouth, pausing to regroup after the mishap.

The actor's bashful smile and clear embarrassment served as apology enough- though hopefully any youngsters present might not have recognized what they saw.

Must have been loose: Zac realised what had happened almost immediately, but it was too late to cover up the accident

Tried to save the situation: He swept up the contraceptive immediately, grinning sheepishly and immediately put his sunglasses on as he continued on his way

Zac's co-stars Taylor Swift and Danny DeVito were also present at the screening.

There has been talk of a romance between the Zac and the country singer, though they have denied it.
Taylor told Ellen DeGeneres during a recent appearance on her talk show: 'We are not a couple. He’s awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they’re shooting movies, co-stars.

Sheepish: Zac covered his eyes with sunglasses and mouth 'Oh my God' at his publicist

Zac Efron recalls condom drop incident

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