PeoplePower Points: Executive vs Judiciary

Do you want PNoy (or the President of the Philippines) to control the Supreme Court?
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Ben. haay. basta nde gusto ang decision ng SC at nde pabor sa kanila...... impeach..... ang galing naman. kaya nga 15 ang justices e, nde nakasalalay sa iisang tao ang lahat ng kasong itinataas sa SC.

Belle. this is what we are looking for, a political will in a real sense, political will in action, and that i think in the right direction. kahit cno pa man basta may nagawang mali, dapat ituwid..filipino culture of being non-assertive should be put aside here, and the government should assert more for the greater majority of the people who wants real governance. the president is in the right direction...May God bless and protect him...

Arcie. Government should not be obsessed with GMA and let the law be implemented in due course in prosecuting her. There are enough agencies to do the prosecution work. Hence it will not be seen as a persecution and personal. Time to work on the basics that would benefit the people such as high cost of electricity, gasoline, help the poor in the proper way, food supply, high prices, criminality, abusive bus drivers killing and hurting people, traffic, drugs, corruption on a broader scale, etc... Work on what can be done with these problems. When the smoke clears on the media hype over GMA, the problems are still there and PNoy will have to answer in the end. Look at the big picture!!!

Rommel Bistek Ceballos. My Dear P-Noy, is this an early sign of DICTATORIAL REIGN? Why do you want to rigged out of the SC all the appointees of the former President? Does this mean that you want all the decision of the Supreme Court be favorable only to you? The Decision of the SC is only to uphold the LAW and not follow your caprices. The Law is The Law no one is above it... even the President.

Lars. Bigyan mo ng trabaho ang milyun milyong pinoy na umaasa sa yo Mr P-Noy at wag mong pababain ang tiwala ng publiko sa judicial system at baka sa termino mo mapuno ang lahat ng kulungan ng preso sa buong bansa


Jesse Jose. Only in the country of Wawa We that its people would vote a RETARD for president. Kaya, naging retarded din ang pag-unlad ng bayan. Because of Pee-Noy, the Philippines has truly become the “Armpit of Asia.” Walang asenso. Same-same. Mas matindi pa during the time of Marcos.

Flor Liza. Could it be because the control was more tactfully done? “Popularity is not always right and what is right may not always be popular….” Anything done with obvious personal revenge loses the very essence of the issues…..To clean up corruptions in the Philippines…… start cleaning up the politicians…..Can those who signed the impeachment truly call themselves not corrupt and incorruptible? Ang mga actions ba nila ay free of paying back ” utang na loob ?”

No. according to what i have learned, there must be an effective internal control in every organization for them to achieve their aims. Therefore, to have effective internal control, one way is to have segregation of duties. If the President of the Philippines has the power to control the Supreme Court, the idea of objectively obtaining and assessing evidence in every case would distort its purpose- that is to have a reliable and just discretion.

No. It is that distortion that the Constitution is preventing. Principles of checks and balances will crumble and there no longer will be blending of the three powers...If President Benigno Aquino III would control the Supreme Court, there will be another dictator...

Gemalyn A Garcia there will always be CHECK and BALANCE in place to prevent abuse of power.
Eleanor Rivas Belizar A resounding No! The reason why people support Justice Corona even if he has the lowest trust rating among all government officials is the continuous ranting of Pnoy against the Supreme Court. To think that Filipinos love underdogs.

Mae Charity Lopezhow can he control the SC when he can't even be neutral on the hacienda luisita issue? Pnoy can give input but not tke charge
helbert vintero 
of course not! shall we agen go back to the history during the marcos regime?let's exercise our independence so with the Law.
dexter manantan

no. There wil b no more separation of powers and d 3 branchs of d govt wil b of no sense.PNoy shud b contntd being d executiv
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