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Should we give full military honors for the late former President Ferdinand Marcos on his burial?

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Mejelan Superable Tayco: Even jesus Christ 4give us all the sinner's..and why not Pinoy whose only human,,, Is it Revenge in a Silence way?

Melanie Loyola: honestly, Marcos did a good job in our country, every president have an issue, not all of them is perfect, not even anybody, am I right?


angel5: state honors must be earned and its granted without being asked. we pinoys have a very morbid sense of humour to accord such a silly issue any single minute of our lives. marcos is etched as the tyrant of democracy and will never be forgotten as such forever.
critique111: In my personal opinion, you have a good President Aquino now, not perfect but good. Your nation will not always have a president that is self-sacrificing and cares for your people and justice as you have today. Your former dictator president does not divide your nation today as is the impression of his relatives and this is understood by citizen. Injustice and oppression under dictatorship president strips him recognition of his achievements. Rebuild your nation with honor, integrity and justice for benefit of future generation. Think of your sons, daugthers, the children today, wouldn't it be nicer for them to assume responsibility for nation in future that is united, free of insurgency, corruption unheard of, manageable economy, social services plentiful?

"yes,we need. in the sense that he became a pres. in our country and not only a pres. but also a hero. he contributed a lot in achieving a great history of the phils. eventhough in his reign there are some instances that causes wars, conflicts and any negative events.... he still need to be respected after all the things happen in his reign...we must look him in his positive side not on his negative side, so he deserve also like the other the full military honor in his burial......"
"Regardless of what he may or may not have done in his time, Ferdinand Marcos was still a duly elected president of the Philippines. Some may argue with this but he certainly won his first term, for real. As to the following years, some atrocities may have been committed by him or the people around him, or they may have wronged some people willingly or not. But the fact remains that he has done some great deeds and his perceived mistakes served as great lessons to us. The very reason why we love democracy, not just freedom from colonizers, is because of Marcos. He has whether intentionally or not endeared us to democracy by depriving it. Also he opened the filipino mind on great construction projects which in his time may be considered as nonsense. the road to the north, hospitals, bridges, museums et. al. are these not worth noting? there is not one president or leader of any nation in any time that did not in anyway, willingly or not, that didn't do anything wrong to his people. but respecting the philosophy of a fool: mistakes are easily seen, good deeds easily die."
".how do we define a hero?

.can we consider a hero as a person who value HUMILITY, HONESTY and HARD WORK?
.if we do so, can you see Pres. Marcos' spirit with any of these values/ principles?

.for me a hero is a person who knows how to listen and voice out what the majority favors, wants/ needs. a hero is the one who will let suffer first his self from any danger just for the sake of others. in short a hero is a selfless person but knows how to love other people as he love his self.

.in my own thoughts, The late former President Marcos should not receive full military honors. for as far as we had in our history, the latter didn't give any importance to his people who in the first place voted and gave him the trust to rule the whole Philippines. i remember my Philippine history, when he proclaimed that the country is under the Martial Law, which almost removed and abused all the human rights of the people. where he forbid the use of media as a freedom of expression. is there HUMILITY? is that what you call HUMILITY? i think it is PEOPLE under the GUN REPUBLIC.

.i remember also the assassination of the late Senator Aquino when HONESTY fade away from us, from the Filipinos. Honesty FLEW AWAY with us but POINTING FINGERS came beside us. JUSTICE in our country never became as that reliable or accountable. Where is HONESTY?

.The greatest act that the latter has done to his country is when the economy of the country boost up and became one of the top in the world. i can see HARD WORK at that time. but why is it that it needed to regress and even to stop at that point? Can't we continue Marcos this good start? The latter had make a good impression to the Filipinos but why did he let his own will be on his mind. under the martial law period i can't find anything where he value hard work not only for his SELF but FOR THE PEOPLE.

.Former President Marcos,
.why did you let your people suffer from one's grievous hands?
.why did not you continue the human values that you have at the start?
.why do we need to end with this up?
.Where is HUMILITY for your people who stands with you when you're at the bottom, and put you up as you reached the top?
.Where is HONESTY for the justice that your people wishing for, why is it that you whom they trusted be the one who will betray them?
.Where is HARD WORK that your people saw on you during the election which made you to reach what you desire for, why is it that you yourself made other people down?
.Where is the Ferdinand E. Marcos whom our Ilocano Ancestors knew from his early age ? where are you whom they gave their trust for the future of the youth?"

  • To understand the Aquino's stand on the issue, it is important to look back at the history of the Marcos-Aquino families. Ninoy Aquino was the archrival of Marcos during the Martial Law period and it was believed (with damning evidences) that Marcos if not Imelda were responsible for his assasination. Marcos committed a lot of human rights violations at a time when the Philippines was gaining its momentum as an economic power in SEA. Marcos plunged the country into economic crisis so that by the time that Martial Law was lifted, we are known as a sick man of Asia.
    As a country, we cant seem to forget. And we must never forget the misdeeds of the past. The present generation can no longer remember and relate to what happened before. But we've been there... witness to injustices commited the Marcoses. Bongbong Marcos can never understand what it is to be a victim, thus he can never understand the people's sentiment.
em_emZ ♡
"Yes,! he deserved it! :)) He had made a BIG DIFFERENCE.."
Jeffrey Tabangcura
"it's time for Filipinos to move on. We stay divided as we continue to dwell on the past."

Meynard Jerel Luczon "FM deserves it. at present, some filipinos highlight ONLY what had happened during martial law not the good things he did before. nakikita lang kasi ung mga MALI, sana makita din ung mga TAMA"

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