Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition Contestants


NAME: Salangsang, Pomeleigh May G.
BIRTHDAY: Feb. 26, 2000
AGE: 11

Having watched the Australian version, Acee knew exactly what she was up to the moment she applied for Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition. And like her favorite, Isabella, she hopes to win the competition one dish at a time. Acee’s Spaghetti Bolognese with Béchamel sauce and Tomato salsa (served during an immersion) proved to us that she might have what it takes to make this happen.

ACEE's Recipes


NAME: Garcia, Athena S.
BIRTHDAY: Jan. 19, 2000
AGE: 11
Baking is Athena’s comfort zone—she’s attended baking seminars with her mom (who sometimes is a speaker). She also has a collection of cookbooks, which she bought by saving up her school allowance. From her Pandesal, Red Velvet, Cakes, Cupcakes, and Muffins, it is undeniable that Baking is her clear passion.
Although she could bake without a cookbook (as she knows them by heart) Athena is very precise when baking. She uses a variety of tools to make sure that her products are perfect.

ATHENA's Recipes


NAME: Atienza, Maria Josefina Beatriz I.
BIRTHDAY: Dec. 12, 1999
AGE: 11
For her size, Bea has a commanding presence in the kitchen. One of the calm contestants, she’s quick to know what dish to prepare during challenges. During an immersion, she prepared cheesy crusted baked chicken and shrimps—and notably, with great finesse.  Bea is very observant—a trait she says she’s had since she was just two years old.
Aside from cooking, Bea is also into fashion design scrapbooks, stamp pads, and stencils.

BEA's Recipes


NAME: Dimapilis, Bianca Franchesca B.
BIRTHDAY: Feb. 07, 2002
AGE: 9
Although one of the youngest contestants, Bianca is a serious contender. Both her parents studied in culinary schools and have provided her not only the necessary tools, but also the proper cooking techniques at such an early age.
Her familiarity with the different ingredients is also noteworthy—at home, she grows her own herbs and is quite knowledgeable with their proper use.
While gourmet dishes are Bianca‘s cooking specialty, her favorite meal is a simple monggo dish. With a strong foundation in cooking and the technical know-how, will she eventually be named the first ever Pinoy Junior Masterchef?

BIANCA's Recipes


NAME: Taluban, Caitlin Faye L.
BIRTHDAY: Jul. 1, 1999
AGE: 11
Admittedly a Daddy’s girl, Caitlin joined Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition because it’s one way for her to spend more time with his Dad (currently based in Abu Dhabi as an engineer). Of course, this is aside the sheer cooking talent that she obviously has.
Caitlin is the youngest and the best cook among her siblings. Although shy and timid, she impressed the judges early on the competition. Witness how her cooking skills blossomed throughout the Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition!

CAITLIN's Recipes


NAME: Buquid, Emmanuel A
BIRTHDAY: Dec. 31, 1999
AGE: 11
One of Emman’s memorable cooking experiences happened when he was just 6 years old when he cooked pancakes for his mom who worked on night shift. Emman finds joy in cooking and wants to share this talent to everyone else. From the usual pancakes, he can now cook a variety of dishes—ham and cheese omelet, beefsteak, and pizza rolls, among other things.
He also learned proper cooking techniques and handling of kitchen utensils.
According to his mom, his pancakes and Adobo are a must-taste!

EMMAN's Recipes


NAME: Go, Jean Gilbert T.
BIRTHDAY: Apr. 5, 1999
AGE: 12
Gilbert is as playful in the kitchen as he is in real life. He likes to showcase his cooking skills and is not fazed by the camera at all during challenges. He likes to come up with his own cooking terms for the procedures he does to keep things fun.
Gilbert learned how to cook by watching cooking shows and picking up recipes from the Internet. He often cooks for his family at home. Gilbert is always up for challenges. In Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition, he feels that his skills will finally be put to the ultimate test.
Aside from cooking, he likes to play basketball and volleyball.

GILBERT's Recipes



NAME: Yang, Gerardo Angel M.
BIRTHDAY: Nov. 7, 1999
AGE: 11
For just about two days, Gino  mastered making Panna Cota and Sushi. The youngest of six siblings, his sisters became his mentors in the kitchen. Gino does not mind being taught by his sisters. In fact, as his source of inspiration, his sisters helped him prepare for the competition.
Can Gino make it to the top without his sisters to coach him?

GINO's Recipes


NAME: Johnston, Iain D.
BIRTHDAY: Nov. 13, 1998
AGE: 12
Iain grew up differently from some of the Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition contestants. His comfort zone is Italian dishes (instead of the typical Filipino dishes), because this is what he and his family often enjoyed together.
In the absence of a father figure, he became extremely close to his mom who also raised two of Iain’s siblings.
Although he understands Tagalog well, Iain can’t fluently speak the language. He tries his best to learn new things though. This attitude seems to be apparent not only in the Kitchen but also in his life.

IAIN's Recipes


NAME: Lee, Jazette P.
BIRTHDAY: Oct. 24, 2000
AGE: 10

Aside from the regular dishes, it can be said that Inday’s forte is desserts—her cupcakes and cakes (made from scratch) are exceptional and a far cry from the ready-to-mix products she once started with. In fact, she wants to be a baker someday too.
Cooking for about two years now, her parents taught her the basics, until she eventually became the “little chef” she is now. Her dad manages a small eatery and this has somehow influenced Inday in her cooking interests.
She joined Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition to improve her cooking skills and to share her ideas to the viewers.

INDAY's Recipes


NAME: Antonio Carlos V. Jalbuena
BIRTHDAY: Aug. 8, 1998
AGE: 12

Jobim’s interest in cooking started when he was about 8 years old and was influenced by his Mom and older sister who also cook. Jobim thinks that cooking is a fun activity. He gets fascinated by how mixing different ingredients can come up with a delicious dish, and this natural curiosity has always been evident—in many restaurants where he and his family would eat, Jobim would request (and is often granted) to visit the kitchen to watch the chefs in action.
Although he especially likes to cook Fish dishes, Lamb Steak, and Seafood Pasta, He also likes to experiment in the kitchen, such as adding different herbs and spices to his dishes—which often turns out good.
Aside from cooking, his other hobbies include playing soccer, and reading. He is also a member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and has managed to cook fish during camping!

JOBIM's Recipes


NAME: Bautista, Maria Judel T.
BIRTHDAY: Jul. 8, 2000
AGE: 10
Judel literally transforms from a child into a professional acting chef whenever she cooks. As the eldest of the siblings, she’s often asked to help around the kitchen, and this kind of experience obviously helped her hone her cooking skills.
For her age, her skills and composure are considerably outstanding—one can immediately tell from the way she handles the utensils and equipment that she’s no stranger to the kitchen. At a young age, her skill already comes with good business acumen: she prepares (and sells) siomai and lumpiang shanghai for extra income.

JUDEL's Recipes


NAME: Imao, Kyle Adrian P.
BIRTHDAY: Oct. 5, 1999
AGE: 11
An only child in the family, Kyle learned how to cook through his dad. He likes to experiment in the kitchen and likes to replicate dishes as he sees them on cooking TV shows, or in a restaurant.  Already familiar with Pinoy dishes, Kyle is now currently perfecting the art of baking (under the guidance of her Tita).
Using the Ouido style of cooking—cooking through reliance on look, feel, and taste instead of measurements–Kyle’s instinctive approach to cooking is a sign of an interesting career ahead of him.
Kyle also likes to draw and Paint. In the competition, he manages to visibly express the same level of creativity through food plating.

KYLE's Recipes


NAME: Mabulo, Louise Emmanuelle D.G.
BIRTHDAY: Sep. 12, 1998
AGE: 12

It is without a doubt that Louise’s cooking skills are way beyond her contemporaries’. Under strict training from her uncle (a former sous chef and executive chef), Louise’s fondness for cooking evolved throughout the years.  As it started when she was just 5 years old, her cooking skills are now considerably advanced for her age.
Her level of confidence and sense of professionalism during challenges is amazing to watch.  Louise grew up in U.K and is an only daughter.

LOUISE's Recipes


NAME: Tanaka, Mika Kristina M.
BIRTHDAY: Mar. 10, 2000
AGE: 10
Born to a Japanese dad and extensively trained in a Japanese restaurant owned by a family friend, Mika is well versed not only in Filipino cuisines but also in Japanese cuisines. During an immersion, she was able to prepare a full Japanese set meal in just about an hour. Although she prefers to bake, her cooking skills are evidently just as refined.
A shy person, Mika is actually a bubbly character in the kitchen once you get to know her. She owns a cookbook from the Culinary Institute of America where her older sister is enrolled in.  For Mika, Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition is a great start to the bright cooking career ahead of her.

MIKA's Recipes


NAME: Manzano, Mikkel Gabriel D.
BIRTHDAY: Oct. 12, 1999
AGE: 11
Cooking is one of Miko’s forms of bonding with his family. Every Sundays, he prepares breakfast for them. From his first Beef Broccoli dish when he was just 8 years old, Miko has developed his cooking skills—from his knives skills to developing his taste palette.
No stranger to the show because of the Australian version, Miko became excited the moment he learned the call for local auditions for the Pinoy Edition. He knew immediately that it was his chance to be a step closer to becoming a professional chef.
Outside the kitchen, Miko is also a varsity basketball player in school.

MIKO's Recipes


NAME: Lee Oliver, Nadine Mosh L.
BIRTHDAY: May. 11, 2000
AGE: 11
Nadine is quirky and an interesting character inside the kitchen. It’s always fun to watch her move from one place to another inside the Junior Masterchef Kitchen. Although she may seem all over the place, she still manages to whip up the best tasting dishes.
A perfectionist in the kitchen, Nadine is sure to warm her way into the viewers’ hearts—one dish at a time.

NADINE's Recipes


NAME: Baldosano, Don Patrick Y.
BIRTHDAY: Oct. 18, 1998
AGE: 12

Patrick’s passion for cooking is an interesting mix: inspired by his grandmother and older sister, he also came to like cooking because of his school cooking classes and because of various cooking shows he sees on TV.  As the youngest of three siblings, he was quick to be supported by his parents in his interest.
During their trips abroad, Patrick would ask his parents to buy him cooking tools and equipment, instead of toys or gadgets. And during their grocery shopping, he would have his own cart, stocking up on a week’s worth of ingredients that he uses to cook up for his family. He prides himself of his Seafood Pasta, Baked Salmon, Squid stuffed Shrimp, and Baby Back Ribs/Steak signature dishes.
Although he has plans of becoming a doctor, he aims to pursue formal culinary studies after.

PATRICK's Recipes


NAME: Amarillo, Philip Dave A.
BIRTHDAY: Jul. 16, 1998
AGE: 13

Philip is one of the contestants excited to cook inside the Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition Kitchen. Although noticeably without formal cooking training, or lacking in cooking techniques, he still manages to cook up the best tasting dishes, surpassing everyone’s expectations.
Actually a shy and timid person, Philip livens up whenever he works his way around the kitchen. By being taught by his grandfather on how to cook, Philip has ever since used his cooking skills as an outlet to relieve the stress from life’s problems.
Philip’s signature dish is Adobo.

PHILIP's Recipes


NAME: Baylosis, Beatrice Anne B.
BIRTHDAY: Jul. 17, 1999
AGE: 11
Everyday after school, Tricia goes straight to their family-owned restaurant in Batangas to help out in the kitchen and watch their chefs cook. Sometimes, she even helps in preparing the orders of their customers—she’s especially fond of helping in the bar area making fruit shakes. As an aspiring chef, Tricia is already set on helping their family business thrive, and she thinks that Junior Masterchef Pinoy Edition is the perfect avenue to hone her cooking skills.
Her favorite dishes to prepare (and eat) are Shrimp Tempura, Steaks, and their restaurant specialty version of “Crispy Pata.”  The youngest of three siblings, Tricia also has plans of taking up Business Management.

TRICIA's Recipes 

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