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Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo | HOST

Although Juday is not formally trained in the culinary arts, she’s started cooking even as a little girl, mostly what Filipinos like to call “lutong bahay.” Just recently, Juday took culinary courses to widen her knowledge in cooking. More than hosting the show, she also represents the nurturing, caring mother and housewife everybody is familiar with.

JUDGES' Profile

Chef Ferns

“The Maestro”

Chef Fernando F.C. Aracama graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration in 1990 and New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, USA where he finished with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts in 1993.

Chef Fernando is the Executive Chef & Owner of several Manila based establishments. He was a member of the Les Toques Blanches Philippines National Culinary Team. The team topped the 2007 HKICC Gourmet Team Challenge in Hong Kong winning the Gold Medal and The Best of the Best awards. The team also participated and won medals in 13 categories at the 2008 Food & Hotel Asia competitions in Singapore. The team participated again in the 2009 HKICC Gourmet Team Challenge in Hong Kong and won Silver Awards just last May 2009.

Chef Fernando has attended the WACS Judging Forum in 2006 in Singapore and has judged in various local culinary competitions, as well as at the FHA 2008. He’s also an active committee member of Les Toques Blanches the chefs association of the Philippines.

With his more than 30 years of experience, it is fitting to call Chef Fernando Aracama “The Maestro.” His knowledge and passion for food has made him more than capable to conduct a symphony of flavors.



Chef Rolando Laudico is one of the most recognizable names in the local culinary scene today. His culinary journey is one that spans many years and cuts across different continents. At the age of 24, Rolando landed a job at the La Primavera restaurant. Far from being glamorous, his tasks included washing dishes and other kinds of prep work. He formalized his technique by enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America. After three years, he went to France for an apprenticeship in the L’ Essentiel.

For Chef Lau, the title “The Rebel” appropriately describes his passion for cooking. He had formal culinary studies here and abroad.  He learned everything there is to know about food—from being a dishwasher to owning a restaurant. And yet, with every food that he prepares, he keeps breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries of what food should look and taste. He continuously fuses international and Pinoy cuisine that results in a surprising and delightful meal.



Chef Jayps acquired most of his culinary expertise while working as an apprentice both in and out of the country.  He obtained a Diploma in Culinary Arts and Technology Management from the Center of Culinary Arts in Manila and also in Sydney, Australia. With his vast experience in the food industry, Chef JP Anglo has mastered the Asian palate and developed techniques all his own.
For the past years, JP Anglo has been jetting to Singapore for his do-it-yourself food safari tours. Preferring hawker food to gourmet fare, the Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef goes from one hawker center to another to sample authentic varieties of Asian cuisines.

As “The Traveler,” he received his calling to become a chef a little late than the others. But when he did, he never stopped learning about food. He travelled abroad to work for international restaurants to learn everything. He goes to Asian countries just to sample every kind of food there is to taste. When he went home, Jayps applied everything he had learned from his travels when he put up his first restaurant. Yearly, he makes it a point to travel to foreign countries just to update his palate.



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