PeoplePower Points: What is your comment on President Aquino's SONA?

Critical response
User Prof. Estong made acerbic observations about the country's economy. "The nation is still run by OFW remittances," he wrote. "Developed or industrialized countries [still] supply all our products and we [continue to be] subservient to them." He also added: "[Senate investigations are like the circus.]"
User Arvin echoed Prof. Estong's sentiments, writing, "Oligarchs [still rule] the country. [The] cost of living is still soaring. Majority of the workforce want to migrate. And the government still saying that the economy is "rising" (but in fact, the US$ is declining) as shown in the foreign exchange rate. Same old Philippines."
User Niramyrneh, on the other hand, addressed PNoy: "Please don't focus much on the issues against the previous president but focus on how to uplift [people's lives]."
For his part, user Dan_275 pointed out that corruption still runs rampant. "So far, our country is still full of corrupt people, from the government officials down to the taxi drivers who no longer use the taxi meter to charge the customers. Hindi lang ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno ang corrupt pati po ang karaniwang mamamayan," he wrote.
User Tess Francisco focused on the sad state of the country's education sector. She wrote: "The continuously deteriorating situation of our educational system is a disgrace. Corruption, wrong governance, failure of our government system is mostly due to the lack of education of the majority of the population, who do not have the skill to make wise decisions and are being used by corrupt and selfish individuals who are only thinking of their own agenda. These corrupt individuals who are already in power are responsible for the deterioration of our educational system."
Meanwhile, user Juan DC, also gave unsolicited advice to PNOy: "Don't entrust everything to your trusted people, you must have direct knowledge of what they are doing and have direct control over them. In short, you must be responsible for your subordinates and act accordingly."

Thinking positive
User Patrick C. Aquino chose to stay positive. He wrote: "I'm glad [I] voted for a president who knows how to make right decision, who knows how to bring out and clean the clutter left by the previous administration, and who knows to prioritize the development of Mindanao education for Muslim. Saludo ako kay PNoy."
User ZhaZha also said, "I believe that many good things is happening under PNoy. Corrupt people in the former government, including all the corrupt agencies, [have been exposed.]"
User Thea P. Cruz expressed her hope for the country. "I look at my dear beloved country and wish that the younger people would have more dreams, have more zeal and dedication to change even one tiny part of their lives so that they can also pass on these values to the next in line and likewise have the inclination to be better Filipinos," she said.
User M B stepped into PNOy's shoes and wrote: "I know I did my job but I acknowledge that there [is still room for] improvement. Thus, in the next 12 months, I hope that [the government could serve the Filipino people even more]."

JOSE L. FABELLO, Jr., Cagayan de Oro City
The SONA which was delivered in Pilipino was simple and straightforward.. With the exception of the last part where I think he contradicted himself, I like it.
Ruben O. Viray
The SONA was brilliantly delivered in full tagalog version ever in history and was fully appreciated by everyone. He was able to explained over all achievement in a year of service but I believed it lacks substance and permanent goal. It is still early and perhaps with full cooperation of all his cabinet members to help him achieve his dream before his term ends, our country will be in a better form in all aspects.
The marching order is, we will have to begin getting allergic to the wang-wang mentality. This might get the country into better times when we get used to it, perhaps?

Being a President is not an easy job and He is not a magician it would take time for PNOY to clean the government.Let History be the judge on PNOY's performance.
Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur 

His SONA did not include the plight of the millions of fisherfolks, micro-entrepreneurs, OFWs, and public utility transport drivers. He also failed to mention the contributions of the cooperative sector in job generation and capital infusion in the countryside. Nevertheless, I am confident that he will walk-the-talk so that ordinary folks can really feel the positive changes para sama-sama tayong umangat. 
nonoy dilag

P'NOY's SONA embodies his personality:simple , straightforward , in Pilipino and not ambitious.What he said connects with masa.What we expect of him in year in office?The good thing that it brings to us is that we have a sincere and to down -to-earth leader who doesn't delude us to bring us to paradise but in slowly but surely pace unlike the our past leaders .
ignacio g. anacta
The best SONA that I have ever read. Full of hope and expectations. Partly realistic, others are achievable dreams. If indeed P-Noy administration can apprehend and put behind bars big time crooks without fear or favor, that would be his greatest legacy as a leader.
Felix S. Ramento
It was a straightforward accomplishment report. And I like that part which I believe is most difficult to achieve, though: "Let us stop pulling our fellowman down... let us uplift our fellow Filipino at every opportunity."

Angelica Rafanan
"well knowing the situation of our country its really hard to find a job here that's why they prefer to go there instead"


" i congratulate Pnoy 4 a clear address, i believe in him"

Meynard Jerel Luczon

"bout pgsugpo lng ng corruption ang narinig q, un lng. wla na. kahit pa2ano my nagawa xa, mging grateful na tau dun....PNoy needs support. If he fails as President, we fail as a nation."

Jeffrey Tabangcura

the sona was okay. i didn't expect since it takes years to rebuild the nation. way better that gma... i hope every pinoy will learn to do his part in nation building. self-reliance is key to one's devt."


"Actually, I was impressed. He made it specific and he spoke in layman's terms so that the masses could understand him. Speaking in Filipino was a plus. Content-wise, I think there were still a lot that he did not tackle like the issues on Hacienda Luisita, the educ sector, and stuff like that. But overall, it's a thumbs-up for me. He presented the things he did for the country, w/c were quite impressive and that I wasn't aware of & his plans w/c I think are feasible in a way. I am not his supporter, but what can I say, he did well."

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