PeoplePower Points: How would you rate P-Noy in his first year as President?

Felix Ramento, USA": I cannot understand why a supposed man of God has taken upon himself the task of openly besmirching the national leadership.

Not even
C.B. Manalastas, Manila: Not even the ‘no wang wang’ policy is fully obeyed in most parts of Metro Manila, particularly here in Sampaloc. Hence, there’s no achievement at all.
Boy Beltran, Iloilo City: Even ‘no wang wang’ has not been achieved by P-Noy. All his promises have been broken. 

I agree
Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: The ‘no wang wang’ policy is indeed the only visible achievement of P-Noy. He should show some accomplishments to prevent agitation among his critics.

Stop the blame game
Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite: I believe so. The administration is all sound, no fury, and good at whining and the blame game. People want results, not propaganda.

Agens Mendoza, Metro Manila: Mayroon namang iba aside from ‘no wang wang’, i.e. he revived KKK, he he he.
Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: Bawal ang wang-wang, ayon sa Pangulong mahilig mag-bang-bang. Pero hindi bawal ang palpak na kaibigan, kaklase at kabarilan sa kanyang gabinete. 

Wake-up call
Danilo Rogayan Jr., Zambale:sBeing the head of the nation entails a gargantuan responsibility. Feedback, criticism, and tirades from the people are natural components of leadership and governance. I only hope that Bishop Cruz’s harangue would serve as a wake-up call for the President for him to walk his talk. He should not remain callous and indifferent to the pressing issues confronting his administration. He should proactively deal with such issues and substantiate that he can achieve more for the country, aside from implementing the ‘no wang wang policy.’

Edwin Chinel Monares, Rizal: It remains to be seen. I suppose P-Noy is still learning. That’s just too bad for those who are expecting too much of him.
Richard Decena, Quezon City: Yes, dahil nailalabas na ang mga malawakang pagnanakaw ng nakaraang garapal at walang konsensyang administration.

Yes, I think so
June Deoferio, Cavite: Yes, Pres. Aquino is doing a good job, with the support of his Cabinet secretaries. I support him and I’m confident that he will bring our country to progress.
Eduardo Santos, Metro Manila: President Aquino is doing a good job, as expected. His government is going straight.

Promises have gone pffft
Adrian Catral, Quezon City: Good job? Under his leadership, the country is heading towards a more tumultuous situation. All his promises during the campaign period have gone pffft.
Melaica Lizano, Lucena City:  No, sa 24 promises na sinabi niya mismo noong oath-taking niya as our 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, ay halos lahat pending. Ang linyang “No to wang wangat kayo ang boss ko ang tumatak sa isipan ng bawat mamamayang Pilipino, sapagkat ito ang paulit-ulit na sinasabi niya, at hindi kung ano na ang improvement sa mga pangako niyang patuloy na napapako. 

In the snake pit
Deo Durante, Camarines Sur: I would say yes, we are headed in the right direction. But we know that the President is just human and has lapses, too. If he can control the people around him from bickering, then he can become a better President.
Ric Vergara, Calamba: P-Noy is sincere and trying hard to achieve our goal. Pero sana makita niya ang tunay na mga problema baka itoy nasa paligid lang niya.
Anna Marie de Chavez, Metro Manila: No, his comment about his own Cabinet members’ performance clearly shows a lack of leadership qualities. If he thinks that they are not performing well, he should tell them directly, and not wash dirty linen in public. Besides, he was the one who picked them. He should not want to hear only good news if he really wants to improve the nation.

So far, so good
J.R. Mondonedo Jr., Parañaque City: So far, so good. According to surveys, he gets more positive results than negative, and is much better than the past administration. I think it would help if hearings on Joc-Joc and the AFP produce results. It seems like nothing has come out of it. If the Filipino people see that these people are put behind bars, then the President will continue to enjoy the trust of the people.
Miguelito Herrera, Cabanatuan City: Yes, indeed. So far, so good. There’s no corruption scandal that can be linked to him. However, he should exert more effort in reaching out to more people who badly need help.

Wanting in accomplishments
Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: After a year of on-the-job training, our country is still in a state of severe mental distress bordering on outright imbalance! Vengeance, finger-pointing the past regime, and corruption are issues repeated daily as the cause of poverty and hardship, but no action or resolution is ever done. Despite the idea of a partnership between the government and the people, even the lowest unit in the government bureaucracy is insensitive and inhospitable to the needs of private investors.
Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: No, he is a disappointment and only good as a NATO (No Action Talk Only) President. It’s all in the news and there’s no further need to elaborate.
Dr. Jose Balcanao, Benguet: He should accomplish something for the alleviation of poverty. Nothing has been accomplished yet except for rhetorics and speeches. He should also accept criticism and refrain from being too hot-tempered when it comes to social issues.
Arvin Padual, Quezon City: The first year in office of President Aquino is undoubtedly a waste because of his low performance output. Needless to say, he is not doing well.

‘No wang wang
Rex Earlou Calmerin, Iligan City: Yes, but only in implementing the ‘no wang wang’ policy.
Lorenzo Fernandez Jr., Cabanatuan City: Having a small-time achievement, like elimination of ‘wang wang’, cannot be called doing a good job. Why not focus on more serious problems, like drug trafficking, smuggling, or jueteng?

Majority still believe in P-Noy
Felix Ramento, USA: The good thing is, the majority still believe in P-Noy’s intentions. By any measure, this is a very positive development, if we hope to improve the general atmosphere of peace and stability in the country.
Louella Brown, Baguio City: After one year in office, I believe P-Noy is doing a good job. His approval rating says so.

Long way to go
Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: Not much. P-Noy still has a long way to go if we are to achieve the Philippine dream.
Lucas Banzon Madamba, Laguna: The President still has a long way to go, as there are many things that he has yet to address, such as unemployment, corruption, declining educational and healthcare facilities, huge budget deficit, capital production/accumulation, etc. and these have brought about poverty and prevented the Philippines from progressing. He is still trying his luck to solve the problems besetting our nation.
Lydia Reyes, Bataan: No, he still has many things to prove. Long way to go pa si P-Noy.

Noel Navales, Manila: No. A lot could have been done in one year, yet he seems more interested in reacting to new issues than addressing old ones. Not impressed.
Rey Onate, Palayan City: Setting aside politics and other inclinations and rating Aquino, as his “boss”, I believe his performance is mediocre. Parang classroom government.
William Gonzaga, Marikina City: The 75 per cent grade given by a business group to the Aquino administration can be considered a fair appraisal of its one-year performance. If, at the end of its second year in office, no significant improvement is shown, then the people will realize that a wrong choice has been made. Of course, the nation is still lucky, since Vice President Binay will be a competent successor.
Carmela Ramento, Cagayan de Oro City: No, I am afraid he needs improvement on many fronts. Lots and lots of it, that is.

Destined for the presidency
Noel Alquiza, Metro Manila: I believe he’s really doing a good job in spite of the challenges that come with the presidency. We may not immediately see results, but there are many good signs that he is really committed to change and good governance, in spite of the criticisms. The remark of Rep. Edcel Lagman that it was a big mistake for the Filipino to elect P-Noy cannot be directed at P-Noy but to his former boss (PGMA). The evidence now is surfacing on how big a mistake it was to elect his former boss, as she destroyed good and principled men in the AFP (pabaon) and some servants of the Church (wheels, Pajeros) just to influence them to get their support. P-Noy is the right person destined to lead the Republic of the Philippines, for the transformation of our government, and those who elected him were not wrong. I join those who pray for his success and endeavors in his administration.

Needs improvement
Rommel San Gaspar, Laguna: “Good’ is an appropriate word, so yes, he’s doing a good job, but the country longs for a President who’ll do an excellent job. It’s enough to keep us afloat, but not enough to get us back on the race and the nation is wanting.

Not fit for the job
L.C. Fiel, Quezon City: One year after his ascension to the presidency, P-Noy has shown how unprepared he was to tackle the job. Hindi lang niya maamin na hindi niya kaya ang maging Pangulo.
Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite City: If he starts working late/finishing early, and Saturdays and Sundays are strictly days off, we have a problem. He is not up to the rigors of the presidency.
C.B. Manalastas, Manila: May natupad na ba siya sa kanyang mga pangako? Under the Aquino administration, our country now, sad to say, has gone from bad to worse, mostly due to some of his incompetent men, that includes his KKK, his rude spokesmen, and his lack of grasp on the job of a President.

His honesty is refreshing
Ruel Bautista, Laguna: After experiencing a greedy nine years of the Arroyo administration, P-Noy’s honesty, though bereft of real stuff, is refreshing.

Honesty will not feed the people
Romeo Villanueva, Metro Manila: Seemingly, he has not learned his lesson on statesmanship. I give him his honesty as his strong point, but that alone cannot put food on the table.

Miracles don’t happen overnight
Robert Young Jr., San Juan: Pres. Aquino took over the second most corrupt government in Asia. We shouldn’t expect miracles overnight. After a year, he has controlled the hemorrhage in the government coffers. He is still treading waves of insurmountable resistance from all sectors of the government, including the church. Pres. Aquino badly needs our help in his fight against corruption and reforms in government. If we want him to succeed, we can’t just be bystanders.
Dr. Francis Regalado, Manila: Our country is embedded in graft and corruption. P-Noy can’t play Jesus, and miraculously heal the land. We just have to give him the benefit of the doubt and continue helping ourselves, which is better than asking too much of the government.
Ruben Viray, Antipolo City: People look for miracles and miracles don’t happen just like that. The President is doing everything for the good of the country, and perhaps we should be patient enough and wait for further developments. The test is not yet through, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and I believe that everything would be fine.

Unravelling corruption
Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: After a year in office, P-Noy is doing a good job in piecemeal revelation of corruption of the Arroyo regime. He must do more to curb corruption.
Rose Leobrera, Manila: I think he is a little bit slow in his decisions and acts so slowly on matters that need to be resolved ASAP. However, I still believe in P-Noy’s honesty. What I like is that anomalies committed by the past administration are being exposed one after the other. I give him a grade of 78. He can still improve.

Political vendetta
Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: After his overwhelming mandate in the elections, I started to believe that he could be the leader we sorely needed, but subsequent events instead proved that he is ultra-focused on vengeance and wholesale disparaging of political enemies. His term will be exhausted purely on this agenda.
Elmo Cruz, Manila: President Aquino should stop blaming Ex-President Arroyo for leaving him with insurmountable problems that are keeping him from accomplishing his goal. He must craft programs, either original or copycat, that will improve our living conditions and provide ready-made solutions to every problem brought to him. He must be done with his OJT by this time, that we can expect him with productive but doable programs starting this July.

Ulyx Ramirez, Cavite City: P-Noy should not bother about keeping his good boy image. Sometimes he should make risky moves for better decision-making. He’s a slow-moving President.

Five years to prove his worth
Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: He’s doing just a good job, but not really hitting great strides. Anyway, he has five more years to steer the country over rough waters; and we have five more years to endure the bumpy ride.
Maricel Maralit, Metro Manila: I honestly believe that he is trying to do his best. But his best is not yet good enough. Mr. President. You still have five years to do better.
Bong Nebrija, Quezon City: One year for a President is a long time, especially to make true on his campaign promises. However, for P-Noy, he seems to be taking his time to address many of the problems our nation is facing. Personally, I do not expect so much from him to make miracles in turning our country’s situation around, but I expect him to at least make a clear roadmap where he really wants to lead this country to. The piecemeal approaches to our country’s problems will not bring concrete solutions.
R. Los Baños, Las Piñas City: No, he had 12 years or so as a politician with nothing to show for it, so expecting him to make his mark as a President in his first year in office is too much. He still has five years to prove his worth, though, and I hope he succeeds, because we all sink or swim with him.

Draw clear economic measures
Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: Except for maintaining a graft- and corruption-free Philippines, there are many problems President Aquino must address with concrete solutions. He must draw clear economic measures to address mounting problems. It is also necessary for him to wean himself from the carefree life and be discreet in his many public statements, which are a reflection of immaturity.

No comment
Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: No comment. I suggest you read your newspaper everyday.

Change must begin with us
Dr. Gen Padilla, Valenzuela City: P-Noy did a good job and he remains clean. The problem is that the majority of the Filipino people are not doing a good job of changing themselves.
Ignacio Anacta, Metro Manila: One year is a short period of time to be judging the performance of a sitting President with a six-year term of office. What is important is his intention and vision. Any President will not succeed without the support of the public. If only most of us would be honest, work hard, be fair, avoid corruption and never be afraid to fight, perhaps our poor country may have a chance to get better again.

It’s not yet the right time
Cris Rivera, Rizal: It isn’t the right time to grade P-Noy. I just hope the negatives that laced his first year in office won’t sway him from what is just and firm.
Rene Poder, Manila: A basketball game has 48 minutes. Thus, he has played only one-sixth of it or six minutes. Let us give him at least the first half.

does Pnoy knows how to write a speech without making selective criticisms? seems like all he knows are the mistakes of others and does not know how to correct the wrong of others and worse his errors!

i really made a good choice last election! i did not vote for him because of my doubts of his capacity to govern
Van Mic
The present predicament that the successive Philippine governments has gotten the country into will take more than a single 6-year term for Noynoy to rectify, but after a year of maybe putting information and plans on which course of action to take and which case it should concentrate on, the second year must at least show signs of strength and aggressiveness in prosecuting high profile issues detrimental to the national image. Successful countries in Southeast Asia particularly Singapore and Malaysia have done it and emerged as stronger states - they have strong leaders (even authoritarian at times) focused on the welfare of their countries as a whole.
Leo M. Pruna
The talk should be matched and followed by the "WALK". Please Mr. P-Noy, walk the talk. And stop the "Blaming Game". The ball is now in your hands and the only thing to do is play and make a score. God bless the Philippines.
Thirdy Gomez
Do we really think the problems left by the previous administrations can be solved easily? Corruption is very much entrenched in our culture because of the past. So, I strongly believe that solving these problems will need more time. 
Alex Tariga Ortal
"4 as 10 as the highest" 

"tandaan natin na masyado pang maaga para husgahan ang kanyang pamamalakad dahil hindi pa natin alam ang patutunguhan ng kanyang mga programa at reporma sa susunod na limang taon. Tandaan rin natin na huwag tayong palaasa sa ating pamahalaan dahil ang pagbabago ay nagsisimula sa mamamayan. Ang pamahalaan ang nagtuturo at umalalay sa atin papunta sa mithiin nating landas na pagbabago."
ArJei R. 

"1 out of 10."

                                                                  "5 of 10.quite dsapp0inting."
dexter manantan 

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