How would the personalities rate P-Noy in his first year as a President

In a few days, we mark President Benigno Aquino III’s first year in office. His election into office as the 15th President was phenomenal and viewed by the majority as a breath of fresh air as evidenced by the more than 15 million votes he got.

Some may be impatient to see big changes in our country, others are still patiently waiting for these changes, while the rest are satisfied with P-Noy’s performance. Whatever view we may have, we all share a common goal, which is the success of our country.

Former Senator Aquilino Pimentel

It seems to me the President is hitting peripherals, not the substance, of the nation’s problems. His rhetoric is clear against corruption and poverty. His acts, however, still have to measure up to his words. All is not lost. He still has five years to make the grade. Bing and I pray for his success. His success — or failure — will be the nation’s.

Rock Ed Philippines, TOWNS and TOYM awardee 2010

Incomplete. That’s the most accurate grade that comes to mind. My expectations were calibrated from the start so I adjust my rating system of the President as I go along. Maybe next year’s requirements will be completed and maybe I can give an actual grade by then!

Carlos Celdran, artist and cultural activist

I give him a 6. Many campaign promises still have to be delivered. Like the RH Bill and, well, the RH Bill.

Cainta Mayor Mon Ilagan 

As President Noynoy Aquino faces declining approval ratings, it is important for the Filipino people to be reminded of the fact that although politics is sometimes about popularity, good governance is always based on principles. And I think we know from our history that when the government tries to implement programs and policies that are for the greater good, the factions and interest groups who are adversely affected make a lot of negative noise. That’s Philippine Politics 101. So, as our President begins his second year in office, let’s keep in mind that he was put in power by 42.08 percent of the voters, the highest plurality in recent history. We only have one president. We only have one nation. Let’s show our democratic country a little decency.

Governor  Robert “Ace” S. Barbers, Surigao Del Sur

P-Noy’s  advocacy of cleaning our government of graft is an unpopular move among many in the bureaucracy and certainly puts him in the crosshairs of those who are bent on attacking him and bring down his administration.  With his policies and manifestation of a  strong political will to institute reforms in our damaged and bastardized democratic system, he deserves an above-average rating!  We should support and watch him closely until he succeeds for the good of our nation and our people.

Joseph Juico, councilor, 1st District, QC

I would give P-Noy a grade of Outstanding for results and effort. I would like to point out the single-minded commitment of President Aquino in carrying out his promise of fiscal discipline and responsibility: removing all the fat in budgets, stretching the peso to the fullest and cancelling projects and contracts of doubtful use and integrity. This has resulted in a tremendous amount of confidence in his administration, from which the country will reap dividends to be felt by everyone, down to the poorest of the poor because, as was said in his campaign, “Kung walang kurap,walang mahirap.”

Rep. Amang Rodriguez, Ave Partylist

From a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, I have to give the President a six. While various pursuits remain wanting and many yet to be resolved, I have to commend P-Noy for his effort to put things in proper perspective. Besides, he cannot make national problems go away overnight. I believe that the administration, generally, has had a good run thus far. One thing, however, needs to be given attention: his work habit/ethics. GMA may not be a lot of things but when it comes to “sipag at tiyaga,” but she by far outworks P-Noy. Having said this, if and when P-Noy improves his outlook towards becoming a “working president,” I personally believe he can be a good and effective leader of the country.

Rep. Jose R. Ping-Ay, Coop-Natcco Partylist

President P-Noy still enjoys the support of the cooperative sector, specifically Coop Natcco. In the importation of agricultural products that affects farmers and cooperatives there is a reduction. In the areas of graft and corruption, there is a marked reduction of bureaucratic red tape, however, in the implementation of the Phil. Cooperative Code, there is a lot to be desired still. Public-private partnership as a strategy of implementing the rural electrification program is a desired option, however, there should be a stronger political will on the empowerment of member-consumers by way of converting the EC’s into stock entities. Agricultural production support through cooperatives and cooperative banks should be given more funds. Overall, a satisfactory rating comes from the coop sector.

Parañaque Mayor Florencio “Jun” Bernabe Jr.

It is the President’s first year in office so how can we expect miracles to happen overnight? He inherited problems that can’t be solved right away, he is going through the learning curve, so to speak. Let us give him a little more time. Everyone should cooperate, let us do our share in improving our own lives and that of our brethren and neighbors. His effort in good governance can be seen by all but he cannot do it alone! Instead of focusing on his popularity rating, let us rally behind him, let us work, work, work instead of waiting like fence sitters. It is important for all local chief executives like me to initiate reforms and transformation in their own locales because if all the cities, towns and provinces are progressive, the whole country becomes progressive, too.

Juana Change

O, di ba bongga? It has been a year out of the most corrupt regime our country has ever experienced. Nawakasan na rin si GMA bilang presidente! Salamat Lord!  At the same time, it is also one year into a government propped up by eager expectations mula sa taong bayan. One year of certainty that P-Noy is incorruptible! Kaso, it is also a year of public knowledge that we have an administration governed by competing factions! Ano ba yan? One year of an overly sensitive and pikon leadership na nagtatanim. Sana farmer ang nagtatanim, di ang president! Wag magbaon at mag-ipon ng sama ng loob! Atake katapatnyan! Criticism is healthy in a democracy!  Isang taon ang nasayang kasi di mo tinototoong boss mo kami. Ikaw rin! Nurture people power! Impatient na kami pero hopeful pa rin naman!  All is not lost but seize the moment, P-Noy! Get rid of the chakas in our government na panggulo, get the best people and take over the reins of government. Go P-Noy! May five years ka pa! Tulungan ka namin!



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