Who gave the most unparalleled and decisive RH Bill debate on national TV?


Debate Moderators: Julius Babao & Karen Davila

Open Debate: Anti-RH Team Vs. Pro-RH Team on 3 main issues.

*Issue 1: Saan ba nagsisimula ang buhay? (Conception)
*Issue 2: Responsible Parenthood, Overpopulation, State Intervention & Contraception
Issues 3: Sex Education, Access/Right to Information, Women’s Rights

Anti-RH Panel
Fr. Melvin Castro
Rep. Anthony Golez
Muslim Youth

Rep. Roilo Golez
Joey Lina
Jo Imbong
Ligaya Acosta

Pro-RH Panel
Protestant Bishop Tano
Dr. Esperanza Cabral

Rep. Edcel Lagman
Rep. Janette Garin
Carlos Celdran
Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
Beth Angsioco


Most politicians are good liars. A perfect example would be Rep. Roilo Golez who is recognized as one of best debaters in the House of Representatives. I think, however, that that talent remained hidden all-throughout the “Harapan” debate.  
RH-Bill opponents love lashing out insults. The devoutly Catholic tagged the RH-Bill anti-life, anti-family, pro-abortion and so on. They will also call you a demon, should you support the RH-Bill.  
Respect for cultural diversity is an option. Philippines is predominantly Catholic, so we should single out opinions that doesn’t agree with the Church’s teachings. Catholic Scriptures should count as reference materials to answer the big questions such as - when does life begin? 
Social awareness is optional. People who oppose the RH-Bill casts a blind eye to the unquestionable suffering at our metropolitan areas. Why don’ they try to expand their views as to take into consideration what the marginalized thinks?
More people are tantamount to prosperity and development. Because there’ll be less competition and more food for you if you have, let’s say, ten brothers and ten sisters. Joey Lina and the rest of the RH-Bill, stop working, you can adopt all the street children so you can be richer. 
by aris101 
Harapan is also commendable for creating a webpage exclusively about its RH bill episode. The page has Twitter widgets showing opposing views on the issue, copies of RH-related bills in both houses of Congress, a recording of the May 8 episode, and a news feed regarding the issue. There is also a poll there, RH Bill: Ipasa o Ibasura?
As of 9:29pm, June 1, 2011, the result was Ipasa 47.73% vs Ibasura 52.27%
Karen Davila and Julius Babao’s efforts in moderating the debate was frustrating.  They could hardly direct the debate to the pertinent issues alone. Worse, the program ended with the viewer not having clear ideas on what were resolved and what remained to be known further.  
Karen Davila, known to be pro-RH, struggled to stage an unbiased moderation of the event. She succeeded somehow, though one would get goosebumps when she questions pro-life panelists with tones that suggest sarcasm.  
Julius Babao, despite his wife Christine’s very anti-Catholic views, attained an apparently impartial conduct of the debate. He hardly seemed very involved in the discussion; or maybe Davila was speaking too much.
by People for Media
Hosted and moderated by Mel Tiangco, together with Pia Arcangel and RJ Ledesma

Debaters. Rep. Janette Garin, one of the primary authors of the proposed bill is pitted against Rep. Ma. Milagros Magsaysay on the issue of the RH Bill's effect on poverty. Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani, Jr. and Bishop Efraim Tendero, National Director of the Philippine Council for Evangelical Churches debate on the issue of morality. Celebrity mom and RH Bill advocate Pia Magalona faces off against University of the Philippines Prof. Aliza Racelis on women's issues in relation to the bill.
A panel of interrogators subject the debaters to intense grilling. Outspoken RH Bill activist Carlos Celdran, former Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, and UP Prof. Dr. Sylvia Claudio make up the pro-RH panel while the anti-RH panel members are Kalookan Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez Jr., University of Asia and the Pacific College of Arts and Science Dean Antonio Torralba, and Dr. Deane Campo-Cruz. Congressman Manny Pacquiao makes a surprise appearance during the debate.

    Cong. Garin is very good in her presentation, all in all she won the debate in the 1st round. Cong. Magsaysay also made her good argument, about the funds of the government, she said the funds on education was lessen by the administration and so the ultimate solution is education and not RH BILL. It caught me, but Cong. Garin defended their side, she said that i think its normal because the other needs should also be funded, her point was, even though the government put so much funds in the education department, if the family continues to increase their family member, it cannot be resolved anyway even the government try its best.
    Bishop Bacani of the Catholic Church seems to be funny here, because of his age, on the 1min. time that he should explain their side, he always didnt finish what he was saying, and he always smile and laugh i think because the other side is making scores, Bishop Efren Tendero of the Phil. Council of Evangelical Churches, has a well point here, he stated that yes, it is said in the bible that god instruct ADAM AND EVE to go fourth and multiply, but its already 2011, in this country we have 90million plus filipinos, that it is also said in the bible that the family should be taken care. How could it be that if you have so many children that you cannot raise and feed them.
    Pia Magallona, even though she doesnt have such knowledge about it, she stand for it, even though her specialty is parenting. She said that it is more IMMORAL that you have children but cannot raise and feed them, she has a good argument here. On the other side Prof. Racelis, i really didnt understand what she said. hehe but i get what is her point, she was countered by her co-professor in UP, one of the pro rh panel Dr. Sylvia Caludio, that there are many of the prof. in UP and even the deans are pro rh, and so on.
    by readmeinc
      “Harapan,” first to take on RH Bill, trends on social networking site, Twitter.
    Mabuhay Pilipinas! ABS CBN's #harapan Debate is now Trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter since 11:28PM, May 8, 2011.
    Habang WORLDWIDE Trending ang #harapan ng ABS CBN sa Twitter ay halos sakupin ng ABS CBN HARAPAN DABATE ang 10 top trending topics sa Twitter Philippines ngayon umaga, 12:40AM, May 9, 2011.
     ABS-CBN will continue to bring to Filipinos more events that will stir up discussion on important national issues with an upcoming debate on the planned burial of the late former dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the “Libingan ng mga Bayani.”
    Article Source: Starmometer
    Image Source: ASAP Fan Page

      ABS-CBN’s Harapan did a good job by airing the debate live. The apparently pro-RH GMA News TV doesn’t seem to have the credibility to give the public an irreproachably accurate depiction of what happened during the debate’s taping (May 17). Who knows which part of the taping they’d edit out?
    The HARAPAN moderators made the debate a classic, one of a kind show. The audience cannot even shout a 'HOHH!' While the other debate let the audience to shout which is a disrespect to the one who is speaking. Audience on HARAPAN can only say a word if they ask question or interviewed and in break. They can only make a sign either thumbs up or down.

         In terms of the studio, the set, GMA's Grand Debate won but in terms of the content of the debate, the point is for ABS-CBN's HARAPAN. ABS-CBNnews.com still maintain their HARAPAN mini site for the RH Bill where the proRH and who are against on RH Bill can post their arguments via Twitter. It also serves as an update on the status of the RH Bill. People can also join the poll where they can choose Ipasa o Ibasura. Click this for the HARAPAN site. GMA News Online also introduced a mini site for their Grand Debate but I guess their website was removed. The Grand Debate mini website also contains updates on the status of the RH Bill. They has a two mosaic there classifying the proRH and antiRH group. If you browse it you can find people who has Twitter account who post their arguments with #proRH #antiRH #GrandDebate hashtags.
         As a viewer, the two debates (or the other debates on national TV) on RH Bill did not resolve the issue. Yes, the viewers had given new information, new arguments on RH Bill but nobody won neither proRH nor antiRH. It's the networks! 



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