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Students from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy- University of Northern Philippines (Vigan City) particularly who are taking Bachelor of Science in Accountancy made a movie, 'My Last Farewell: A View From Afar' and made literary interpretations, analysis and reflections on Jose Rizal's last poem, 'Mi Ultimo Adios.' These works have been published and posted in the Facebook Fanpage, 'Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students'.

Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students Facebook Fan Page provides information on Filipino writers, and illustrators, their lives and their works.

You can also find a few Philippine short stories, novels, essays, children's literature, myths, legends, folk tales and folklore, Philippine literature news and even chapter summaries of the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo.

Read the reflections of the University of Northern Philippines-Vigan College of Business Administration and Accountancy Philippine Literature Students.Watch movies produced and directed by the students portraying your favorite characters and playing your favorite poems, stories and literary pieces.

In celebration for Jose Rizal 150th birth anniversary, we would like to relaunch the movie and their reflections. We would like to become a part of Jose Rizal @ 150.

Credits to: PaulGeniusBoy Productions for the Poster

     This short film starred Leo Janell Perilla and Danica Ferrer who portrayed as Jose Rizal and Josephine Bracken. Christopher Solmerin accepted the role as the young Rizal. The role of Dona Teodora and Francisco Mercado was offered to Amelyn Balcobero and John Kevin Madriaga. To support the lead roles, we have introduced different characters of- Rose Jean Bautista, Rhona Mae Rabang, Ferdinand Flores, Liwliwa Bruno, Paul Michael Jaramillo, Mark Lester Atud, and Rey Sylvania.The directors were Rhona Mae Rabang and Liwliwa Bruno, the creative directors- Paul Michael Jaramillo and Rey Sylvania. Rey Sylvania is also the film editor and musical director. The writers- Rhona Mae Rabang, Liwliwa Bruno and Danica Ferrer, the graphic artists- Paul Michael Jaramillo and Rey Sylvania. The cameramen were Nicolai Xandro Avila, Paul Michael Jaramillo and Rey Sylvania. With the special participation and appearance by Joshua Go and Clariza Madriaga. This film was made by REY FILMS and produced by PaulGeniusBoy Productions.
 You can also watch the movie here.
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Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students features Student Reflection Journal

      This journal presents the students' reflections on the literary pieces that they have discussed inside the classroom. The following reflections are about 'Mi Ultimo Adios' in commemoration to Jose Rizal 150th birth anniversary. 

My Last Farewell, by Amelyn Balcobero

by Amelyn Balcobero
     "My Last Farewell" is about the death of our national hero, Jose Rizal. We all know that to die is not easy for us to make. We are not yet ready to leave our loved ones especially our family, relatives and friends. We must consider their feelings, when we left them. But we can sacrifice ourselves for the. Just like what Rizal did. He sacrificed his own life for his countrymen. He was happy when he died because he knew that he had done his part in awakening the Filipinos to all the wrong doings of the Spaniards. He didn't have a doubt when he died because all he know was the right of the people in thier own country and the freedom they must have.
     Last year, my family and I as well our relatives felt very sad and tears ran on our faces when my grandfather died. It felt like living is useless without him. Because we are all used to live with him and we are close to each other. We didn't want him to leave us, but God was calling him. We have no choice but to let him go and be with God. We accepted that our grandpa will not be with us anymore and so we learn to live without him because we know in our hearts that he will still see us and be with us, guiding and supporting us whenever he will be.

My Last Farewell

by Rose Jean Bautista
     The responsibilities that he left to the people after hus death is that they must value the freedom they will have. Jose Rizal was very glad if we achieved freedom, for him he can sacrifice evertything even his life just to please his fellow countrymen to have a peaceful country and life to have rights of their own land. 
     To be far away from his family is a hard thing to do and to thonk, because we consider our family as our inspiration and our sheild to face and pass all the challenges and trouble in life.
     But hte fact of life is that there is an end in everything even life when death comes. We can't get rid when the time of our death comes, it's hard for our family and loved ones especially in a situation that you can't sure of their safety. 
     But Rizal strongly believe that after his death, his family will be safe, because his death can give peace to the country. He was thankful to his family for all the things they do for him especially their love which he will carry in his death.
     In this poem it shows to us the real meaning of the values of MAKATAO and MAKABANSA. Like what Ninoy Aquino says, "I'd rather fall to the ground with my own two feet in honor, than to stand with bended knees in shame."
     This is what Rizal do, he sacrifices his life for his country and become our national hero. National heroes were the first to articulate our secular longings for freedom and to envision a Philippines as the mistress of his own destiny.

My Last Farewell

     This poem is inspired by the great efforts of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, to make Philippines a land of the free. In this poem, he also recognized the help of our patriotic forefathers who fought for our rights and drenched their own blood for the sake of the freedom that we are now enjoying. This is an undying piece of literature which will forever show the bravery and loyalty the Filipinos have for their beloved homeland - Philippines. Although "Mi Ultimo Adios" is considered as Rizal's last piece, he did it well that had become one of his masterpieces.

Mi Ultimo Adios (My Last Farewell) Reflection -Paul Michael Jaramillo, BSA 1-A
     José Rizal was in prison waiting to be executed when he wrote this poem as a final statement to his fellow Filipino countrymen. He had been involved in activity to secure his native country’s independence from Spain.
  In the first stanza, the patriot says his final farewell to his native land, describing it as “Pearl of the Orient seas, our Eden lost.” And he says that he is giving his “faded” life for his country, and even if he were younger, “brighter,” and more “blest” he would still be willing to give his life in this cause. He says that others have given their lives for their countries in battle and in martyrdom, and it does not matter how they gave it; it just matters that they did. His dreams have always been for his country to experience a blessed, free life.

     “Pray for all those that hapless have died”
      As the poet dramatizes his exit from life, he asks his fellow citizens to remember and pray for all those who have suffered under domination at the hands of foreigners. He asserts that from beyond the grave he will sing a hymn to his fellow citizens.
     He tried to comfort his parents and dear ones with these lines: "I'll go where there are no slaves, tyrants or hangmen;   Where faith does not kill and where God alone does reign."
     “Farewell, dear Fatherland, clime of the sun caress'd”
     The poet dramatizes that fact that he may be forgotten, and his grave not be marked with “a cross nor a stone.”
     “In death there is rest”
     In the final two stanzas, he assures “parents and kindred and friends” that he is going where no oppressor can kill his faith and that faith is the peace and freedom to the Spaniards. He assures them that “God reigns e'er on high!” And he asks them to be grateful that he finally he can “rest from the wearisome day.”
     The main theme of the poem is that when the dawn breaks there is always a new day.

My Last Farewell

      For atleast 300 years, the Philippines had been controlled and restricted of freedom by her colinizers. It was also during these time of struggles, that great men not essentially of action but intelligence, rose up to fight for the freedom of an enslaved nation. Among the most greatest of Filipinos patriots is Jose Rizal-the fountainhead of Filipino Nationalism.True enough, even at early age, Rizal had already discovered that ignorance was detrimental to a relationship between rulers and their subject-it generates corruption which leads to fallacy, fantasicm, intolerance and greed. For him, education is the solution of the poisonous effects of such to the wellness of the country and its people. Being a man of knowledge, however, is not enough for one to be a substantial leader. Character is also needed in carrying out the moral responsibilities due to a leader. Fortunately, Rizal is intellectually gifted and strong in character. He had devoted his everything for our country. As a Filipino of integrity, I am responsible to be a productive citizen of my country. I must be loyal and continue of being paragon of my native land. This is my country and I must love the gift of freedom.

My Last Farewell

      This piece projects the unconditional love a man has to offer towards his own native land. Rizal’s patriotism was such a great stuff that he gladly expose himself to perils but rave not repent doing such because he believe that it was his sense of duty that compelled him to act.
     Today, many of us still do love our country. We may not be given the chance to die for our country, but we can really be patriotic by living for our country.
     Many had protected our country against shame and disaster and many had helped the authorities uplifting our country towards pride and honor. In such ways, patriotism is best manifested.

My Last Farewell

 One of Dr. Jose P. Rizal's works was "Mi Ultimo Adios" or My Last Farewell. This was the last literary piece that he wrote when he was behind bars and I think, this struck the hearts of his fellow countrymen the most. This poem shows the love of Rizal to the Philippines and to his fellow Filipinos. But this piece is mainly about Rizal's goodbye to his homeland and to his countrymen. Every stanza of this poem reflects the sacrifices that Rizal had went through for us hoping that we would regain freedom from the invaders - the Spaniards. Although this poem may be the last piece that Rizal had wrote, it is still considered as the most important of all, because this masterpiece woke many Filipinos from their long, unbearable nightmare and driven us to fight for our freedom.


     Whose heart was not touched with his undying love for the Philippines? Whose eyes did not burst in tears with his unjustified death? And whose spirit did not awaken and thirsted for freedom upon reading his most famous work, "MI ULTIMO ADIOS?" He  who died but made a triumph in his aim to serve as the catalyst to help transform social unrest into revolution -- José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, our national hero.
     "Mi Ultimo Adios" or "The Last Farewell" is a poem containing Rizal's final words to his family, friends, his country and to the Filipinos. Even in his last hours to live, he did not think of anything else besides his country and how it would break free from the chains that it was attached to. In this poem he embodied his appreciation for his fellow countrymen for the courage they've shown in fighting for their freedom. Through this poem he swore that even after death, his love and sympathy is with the Filipinos. He also wrote the things that he wishes for his country and he expressed that he wants the Filipinos to continue the fight even after he leaves finish what he started. Truly, this poem served as the greatest legacy of the bravest warrior we had, who may not have fought in the battlefields, but shot deadly arrows with his pen.


           My Last Farewell was a poem by Rizal while he was incarcerated at Fort Santiago and which is one that can compare favorably with the best in the world. This poem talks about our country, the value of freedom, life and long-lasting happiness. Dr. Jose Rizal made this poem to say “goodbye” to us and also to make us stronger to fight for our freedom from the Spaniards.
            In this poem, Jose Rizal expressed all his feelings towards the Spaniards who colonized the Philippines and who made the Filipinos suffer for more than 3 centuries. This poem signifies his patriotism. Rizal proved to us how great is his love for us, that he is willing to sacrifice his life for our country. Because of this poem, Filipinos were convinced to fight the cruel and selfish Spaniards. The Filipinos arouse and went in the Revolution of the Spaniards. Because also of this poem, The Filipinos didn’t surrender, and instead they hope that someday our freedom will be given.
            “Pearl of the Orient seas, our Eden lost.” It says in the poem that we lost our country because of the crocodilian Spaniards. They destroyed, neglected and abused our natural resources as if they owned them. They treated our wealth harshly, just like the way they abused the Filipinos. Because of these actions they have done in our natural resources, the beauty of it lost. The Philippines, which was the place they called as “Paradise” of the Filipinos was damaged for the first time. The wealth of the Filipinos was stolen by those Spaniards. If maybe, Spaniards didn’t come here in the Philippines, I think our country should have been the most beautiful and richest country in the whole world because of these God-given natural resources.
            “Where faith can never kill, and God reigns e’er on high!” Rizal believed that we were destined to have a happy freed life and that freedom will be given to us. This was his greatest dream for our country. And yes he was right, he succeeded because we were released by the Spaniards. Our Independence was at last proclaimed after several years of suffering. Even though he didn’t see us in enjoying our freed life, I think he will stay forever in our hearts. We will never forget him. Peace was at last realized.
            “In death there is rest!”  In the first place, Rizal was not afraid to die if it’s for his own country. In here, Rizal proudly says that death is not the end of everything, but instead the beginning of a new life. Death is the happiest moment that all will experience. In death, there is rest, there is peace. Life in there would be easy, no enemies that’s why we will experience and enjoy the eternal happiness!

Rey V. Silvania BSA IA Reflection on Mi Ultimo Adios

     My Last Farewell is a piece of art, dug from a man who felt loneliness and the spirit of freedom. From the souls of his countrymen it became an unforgettable memoir. He wants his death be a beginning for a brighter tomorrow, together with the death of slavery, moaning for all those who sacrificed. For we believe that to die is to rest. My Last Farewell shows us his willingness to uplift the spirit of every Filipino.
     The poem talks amongst Filpinos who suffered from discrimination and unscropolous deeds. He recalls his loved ones,josephine,his brothers and sisters especially to his parents who comforted him all through his life. A trully tearful plume. Trully a man of hundred proffesions. Dr. Jose P. Rizal.
     Being judged and convicted to something you believe you haven't done is really heart smashing and soul squeezing,but to die with honor, belief, sincerity, love and courage is greater than anything else. Believing in Him is his faith that moved the spliting freedom of Filipinos.

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