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     Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students was founded by Ms. Novie Ada Urbis, Instructor (Philippine Literature) and Adviser (English Language Students).

      Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students Facebook Fan Page provides information on Filipino writers, and illustrators, their lives and their work.
     You can also find a few Philippine short stories, novels, essays, children's literature, myths, legends, folk tales and folklore, Philippine literature news and even chapter summaries of the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo.
     Read the full reflections of the University of Northern Philippines-Vigan College of Business Administration and Accountancy Philippine Literature Students.Watch movies produced and directed by the students portraying your favorite characters and playing your favorite poems, stories and literary pieces.

     The Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students Facebook Fan Page brings you the best in Philippine literature. In spite of its name, poems, essays, artwork, and cartoons will appear on a regular basis.
     To help accomplish this goal, The Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students Facebook Fan Page will do the following:

1. Actively seek out good material that have appeared in Philippine magazines. Too often such work goes into oblivion after publication unless it gets included in an anthology. And even if it gets included in an anthology, typical Philippine book publishing runs do not give such material wide enough exposure.
2. Accept material that cannot find a place in Philippine magazines because of the nature of its content. Although once controversial topics now appear in some magazines, there may still be some that may not be deemed suitable for local consumption. The Unp-Cbaa Philippine Literature Students Facebook Fan Page does not insist on political correctness and is not a site dedicated to showing only the pretty aspects of Philippine life. We will accept work that shows the good, the bad, and the ugly about the Philippines and its people. All we insist on is literary excellence.
3. Provide a place for longer, more fully developed stories to reach an audience. Philippine magazines may not have all the space that longer stories need; we don't have an arbitrary limit on how long a story should be. We believe a story must not be longer than necessary but should be long enough to deliver its full message.
4. Encourage non-Filipino writers to submit work that includes Filipinos among its characters. This will provide us with insight as to how other cultures perceive us. Again, the author's treatment of Filipinos in the story is not as important as its literary merit.
5. Encourage new writers to submit Philippine stories. We will consider good stories by writers whose techniques aren't polished enough. We still consider the story to be more important than the way it is told.
6. Nurture a new era of Philippine world literature--we will look for stories that tell how Filipinos adjust, succeed, fail, laugh, and cry in their new environments as they continue to spread out all over the world. In this new millennium, real Philippine literature cannot limit itself to the obsolete concept that only stories set in the Philippines or those written by its citizens belong.
7. Host the ezine on a reliable commercial web server (web space to be initially donated by a friend of Philippine literature).This means it's commercial-free and you'll never get those annoying popup and popunder windows that continually bug readers of web sites hosted on free web servers.
8. To provide the students and teachers a good material of learning. Watch movies produce and directed by the students portraying your favorite characters and playing your favorite poems, stories and other literary pieces.

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 Armandico, Kenneth
Atud, Mark Lester
Avila, Nicolai Xandro
Balcobero, Amelyn
Barlolong,Mary Elaine
Bautista, Rose Jean
Berina,Francis Joe
de Leon, Michael Dinmar
Divina, Christian mae
Domondon, Mary Rose
Fernandine, Dexler
Ferrer, Danica
Flores, Ferdinand
Formoso, Jade Danielle
Gamlot, Airez
Jaramillo, Paul Michael
Joson, Ronn Earl
Madriaga, Clariza
Madriaga, John Kevin
Marinas, Abigael
Mhina, Charmaine Joy
Monces, Genelyn
Osido, Mark Louie
Pascua, Danicariz
Patol, Cristina Marie
Perilla, Haizel
Perilla, Leo Janell
Pigao, Shely May
Pineda, Shiela Krizelle
Puzon, Francis Jerome
Quino, Ruben
Rabang, Rhona Mae
Ramos, Garlie
Raganit, Rowena
Rivera, Precious Gemoelle
Savedra, Lorellei Monette
Silvania, Rey
Solmerin, Christopher
Tadeja, Krizzalyn Davy
Umoquit, Lovely Joy

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Starring: Leo Janell Perilla Danica Ferrer
Also Starring: Christopher Solmerin
Special Participation of: Clarizza Madriaga
Special Appearance of: Joshua Go
Cast: Amelyn Balcobero John Kevin Madriaga Rose Jean Bautista Rhona Mae Rabang Ferdinand Flores Liwliwa Bruno Paul Michael Jaramillo Mark Lester Atud Rey Silvania
Directors: Rhona Mae Rabang Liwliwa Bruno
Film Editor: Rey Silvania
Musical Director: Rey Silvania
Creative Directors: Rey Silvania Paul Michael Jaramillo
Writers: Rhona Mae Rabang Liwliwa Bruno Danica Ferrer
Managers: Amelyn Balcobero Rose Jean Bautista
Graphic Artists: Paul Michael Jaramillo Rey Silvania
Cameraman (Principal): Rey Silvania
Cameraman (Zone II): Nicolai Xandro Avila
Cameraman (Photography): Paul Michael Jaramillo
Coordinators: John Kevin Madriaga Rhona Mae Rabang
Film by: REY FILMS
with the cooperation of: PaulGeniusBoy Productions
Sponsored by: UNP-Vigan UNP-CBAA UNP Laboratory School UNP Ladies' Dorm Nueva Segovia (Vigan) Bantay Church (Ilocos Sur) Provincial Jail (Ilocos Sur) Quirino Stadium (Ilocos Sur) Sizzling Hot McDonald's Local Government of Ilocos Sur JTC Mall CD-R King 

AWIYAO Michael Dinmar de Leon
LUMNAY Christian Mae Divina
MADULIMAY Kaisermaine Oandasan
VICTORIA Mary Elaine Barlolong
NANA DOLOR Haizel Perilla
PURITA Clarizza Madriaga
DATU KALASIAO Nicolai Xandro Avila
NEMESIO Ronn Earl Joson
ADA Cristina Marie Patol
JUANITA Kenneth Armandico
MODERINA Jade Danielle Formoso

Director and Script Writer: Mary Elaine Barlolong
Director of Photography and Film Editor: Nicolai Xandro Avila
Executive Producer and Stunt Coordinator: Michael Dinmar de Leon
Production Manager and Camera Operator: Ronn Earl Joson
Script Supervisor and Production Assistant: Haizel Perilla
Production Coordinator: Clarizza Madriaga
Production and Sound Designer: Christian Mae Divina
Casting Director: Cristina Marie Patol
Special Effects Supervisor: Kenneth Armandico
Art Director: Kaisermaine Oandasan
Cinematographer: Jade Danielle Formoso
System Administrator: Joshua Go 

Starring: Mary Rose Domondon Rowena Raganit Ruben Quino Sherly May Pigao
Also Starring: Charmaine Joy Mina Krizzalyn Davy Tadeja Abigael Marinas Bernadette Rapanut
Writers: Charmaine Joy Mina Rowena Raganit
Directors: Rowena Raganit Bernadette Rapanut
Film Editor: Bernadette Rapanut 

Precious Gemoelle Rivera-Carmen Salazar
Sheila Krizelle Pineda-Esperanza
Airez Gamlot-Julia Salas
Mark Louie Osido-Alfredo Salazar
Dexler Fernandine-Don Julian
Marites Viloria-Celia
Garlie Ramos-Ofelia
Genelyn Monces-maid of Salazar Family
Famela Billaoac-maid of Del Valle family
Monette Savedra-Doña Adella
Arnold Torres-Judge Del Valle 

The Wedding Dance: A Lasting Legacy (Best Picture)
Best Actor- Michael Dinmar de Leon                                                                      
2nd Best Actress- Christian Mae Divina                                                                   
Best Supporting Actor- Joshua Go                                                                           
Best Supporting Actress- Clariza Madriaga                                                           
Best Director- Mary Elaine Barlolong                                                                      
2nd Best Original Story- Amador Daguio                                                                 
Best Adapted Screenplay                                                                                            
2nd Best Cinematography- Ronn Earl Joson (Cinematography)                    
Best Editing- Nicolai Xandro Avila (Film Editor)                                                   
Best Production Design                                                                                                
2nd Best Sound Recording                                                                                            
Best Musical Score- Nicolai Xandro Avila (Musical Director)                          
Best Original Theme Song- I Love You Goodby (Celine Dion)                       
Best Visual Effects- Nicolai Xandro Avila (Musical Director)                           
Costume design                                                                                                                              
Documentary feature                                                                                                   
2nd Box Office Film                                                                                                          
UNP-CBAA PLS Arts and Culture Award                                                                
2nd UNP-CBAA PLS Literature Award                                                                       
2nd UNP-CBAA PLS Values Award                                                                             
2nd UNP-CBAA PLS Educational Film Award             

Scent of Apples: From a Scroll (2nd  Best Picture)
Best Actress- Mary Rose Domondon                                                                      
Best Supporting Actor- Ruben Quino                                                                     
2nd Best Supporting Actress- Rowena Raganit                                                     
Best Adapted Screenplay                                                                                            
2nd Best Editing- Bernadette Rapanut (Film Editor)                                           
2nd Best Production Design                                                                                         
Best Sound Recording                                                                                                   
Box Office King- Ruben Quino                                                                                   
Box Office Queen- Mary Rose Domondon                                                           
Box Office Film          

My Last Farewell: A View From Afar (2nd Best Picture)
2nd Best Actor- Leo Janell Perilla                                                                                
3rd Best Actress- Amelyn Balcobero                                                                        
2nd Best Supporting Actor- John Kevin Madriaga                                                               
2nd Best Director- Rhona Mae Rabang                                                                    
Best Original Story- Jose Rizal                                                                                    
Best Original Screenplay                                                                                              
Best Cinematography- Paul Michael Jaramillo (Cinematographer)            
3rd Best Editing- Rey Silvania (Film Editor)                                                             
2nd Best Production Design                                                                                         
Best Musical Score- Rey Silvania (Musical Director)                                          
3rd Best Original Theme Song- Native Son (Pete Calandra)                            
2nd Best Visual Effects- Rey Silvania (Film Editor)                                                               
2nd Costume design                                                                                                        
5th Box Office Film                                                                                                           
UNP-CBAA PLS Values Award                                                                                    
UNP-CBAA PLS Educational Film Award                                                             

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife (3rd  Best Picture)
2nd Best Adapted Screenplay                                                                                     
2nd Best Production Design                                                                                         
Best Foreign Language Film                                                                                        
3rd Box Office Film                                                                                                          
UNP-CBAA PLS English Proficiency Award                                                        
Deadstars (4th  Best Picture)
2nd Best Director- Precious Gemoelle Rivera                                                       
2nd Best Production Design                                                                                         
2nd Best Original Theme Song- All This Time (Six Part Invention)                 
4th Box Office Film                                                                                                           
UNP-CBAA PLS Literature Award           

UNP-CBAA PLS Gawad Tanglaw Award
Mary Rose Domondon

UNP-CBAA PLS Lifetime Award
Mary Elaine Barlolong                                                               

UNP-CBAA PLS Administrator
Paul Michael Jaramillo

Novie Ada Urbis

     "Wonderful presentations BSA 1-A and BSBA II-A students! I enjoyed watching all your videos. They're all done with hearts and I was even more fulfilled watching your behind-the-scenes videos and photos. Those show that you were enjoying while making your project.
     And that what counts most. It's doing something because you mean and you like what you're doing, and not only because you are obliged to do it.It is a manifestation that you were able to absorb the values that those literary pieces convey. That is appreciation. That is literature. You have just exactly experienced what is Philippine Literature all about." - Novie Ada Urbis, Instructor (Philippine Literature) and Adviser (English Language Students)
Copyright (c) 2010. UNP-CBAA Philippine Literature Students. All Rights Reserved



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