PeoplePower Points: Let's talk same sex marriage, shall we?

because marriage is defined for a man and a woman..just the saying "gay marriage" doesn't make any sense. why should we change it now just to make gays feel like they have the same kind of relationship as a man and woman. they don't. and thats not the catholic in me that's the common sense in me.

But the point I tried to make in my introduction (which perhaps wasn't clear enough) was that the law is not based on any particular set of moral codes, because everyone's is different. For those who say it is wrong there are just as many who don't. Contrary to popular belief, laws do not decide what is right and wrong, moral and immoral. Laws are there to protect rights.

Bridget Bishop
marry who you want it's no ones business. I don't see why anyone gay would want to get married in a place that has shunned them since the beginning of time but to each their own I suppose.

Mort Goldman
It should be allowed.
Like, civil marriage.
As for religious marriage, if the place of worship wishes to allow it, then it should be allowed.
If the place of worshiped wishes to not allow it to be performed in their building, then their wishes should be respected.
Bottom line, worship places shouldn't be forced to carry this out if they don't want to.

I think that is a decision for each religious place of worship to make for themselves.
There certainly is no requirement or law that forces them to do this.
From my experience, most homosexual marriages that I have attended are not in any religious place of worship.

I wonder if the straight members of your nan's synagogue would feel if the rest of the congregation got to vote on their marriage? When divorced people and those who have committed great crimes ie, murderers out on licence etc are allowed to marry in religious places, I can't see any reason why gay people should not be able too.

That depends on the religious group and what they decide to allow.
Regardless of what the law says, I don't think churches should be forced to perform same sex weddings if it is against the tenets of that church. Separation of church and state. It may be legal to eat pork in the USA, but it doesn't mean Jews and Muslims have to eat it.

Marriage is a sacrament. Church law can't accept two people of the same gender to marry because they can't reproduce (not my definition) and therefore can't have a full service in a religious building. Anything else is a civil union, for political and financial purposes.

As a legal issue, who gets married is none of a religions business, as a religious issue a place of worship should be free to allow it or not as they choose.

 Angry Candy
As a matter of law, the church itself should decide these matters. All true bible-believing churches would be restrictive toward such sinful unions.

angelo benedict
"sakin, okey lang"

 "i think, it's not yet time. focus muna tau sa mga major issues..."
Meynard Jerel Luczon

pReCi0sA bAcALs0
 "i beg to disagree .. because we all know that it is against the law of our nation and the Law of God !"

"I don't think so po. Hmm. Gagaya na naman ba tayo sa US? Parati na lang yata po taung gumagaya e."
Angelica Rafanan 

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