According to an Ilo-ilo based commentator, GMA-7’s epic series, “AMAYA” is not the the very first tv series of its kind but ABS-CBN’s 2007 most expensive TV program, ROUNIN! Tim Libunao argued that GMA should refrain from marketing AMAYA as the first ever Epec Series because it is a false truth. He further explained the following published on Facebook.

“ABS-CBN’s ROUNIN is the first EPIC (TELE-EPIKO) produced in the history of Philippine television and not GMA7’s Amaya. It is also the first ANIME’-SERYE on Philippine TV. In fact, Rounin’s PR tag is “Ang tele-epikong magdadala sa iyo sa hangganan ng imahinasyon”.

Rounin is a 2007 Filipino primetime TV series produced and aired by ABS-CBN. It is a fantasy and martial arts series shown in Philippine TV and is said to be one of the most expensive locally-produced TV series aired in the Philippines. It is also the first Filipino series shot using high-definition video technology. The series is line produced by Reality Films while Larger Than Life Productions is handling post, visual effects, VFX supervision, mastering and grading. The series is shot using Panasonic’s HDP2 technology


Rounin is the story of an elite group of warriors who live in a place called Lumeria. It also happens to take place on a totally different planet.

The Rounin(s) are tasked to protect the city and its inhabitants against the threats of Helion, the City of Death. Each Rounin specializes in a martial arts discipline, and is commanded by the master Rounin, the leader of Lumeria. While battling their enemies, the Rounin strive to adhere to their tenets - one that they cannot fall in love with each other.

The show centers around the quest of a young Rounin warrior, Mythos, as he tries to piece together his past to unlock his true identity.

Cast and characters

Main Characters

The main cast and characters of the series are enumerated below.
Actor Character Character Description
Diether Ocampo Cadmus Prudence. The master of Rounin & leader of Lumeria. Master of the martial art of Furian (Shado and Katana). Rules with wisdom, not force. He is elevated as the master of the Legendary Rounin Circle that fought and won the Great War that finally gave Lumeria ultimate freedom and peace. He was the only survivor of the 1st Generation of Rounin. His original element was Earth, but later gained the element of Light (the medallion controlling all five elements) after being made the Master of the Rounin, and Ruler of Lumeria.
Luis Manzano Juris Service & Justice. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. The strongest (of the five) Rounin. His aggressiveness matches his mastery of Freega (Muay Thai). Justice is his motivation for combat. His greatest weakness is love. He has a forbidden relationship with a fellow Rounin, Aura. His medallion's element is Fire.
Angelica Panganiban Aura Passion & Love. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. The master of Aria (Wu Shu). Love is her motivation for fighting…for the kingdom, and love for Juris. Unknown to her, she is also the object of affection of Creon. Her medallion's element is Wind/Air. In the closing episode of the series, Aura and Juris marry and have a child.
Rafael Rosell Creon Pride & Freedom. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. The Master of Armada (Capoeira). He is the son of Xander - 1st Generation Rounin, alongside with Master Cadmus. He feels pressure of being the son of Xander, A legendary Rounin. He was Juris' best friend, but became best friends with Venom later on; he had always resented his being second best to Juris in combat and in Aura’s heart. His medallion's element is Water. He is vanquished by his long lost brother Mythos in battle.
Nikki Gil Leal Patriotism & Loyalty. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. Master of Katana (Kali). A Rounin that truly goes by the book; she is the second strongest (loyal) Rounin. She is Aura's confidant. She is a true friend to her peers and a joyous person that endears to the people around her. She has a complicated past involving her love to Xyrus and her duty as a Rounin. Her deceased father's un-fulfilled wish to become a Rounin was what drove her to become a Rounin herself. Leal dies in the fight against Helion's forces. Her medallion's element is Electricity.
Jhong Hilario Venom Deceit & Discord. Member of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. Master of Shado (Krav Maga). Dark and secretive; always seems to have ulterior motives for his "just" actions. His loyalty is not with the kingdom, but with Creon, because he owes Creon for helping him (Venom) become a Rounin, himself. He is aptly named, as his true character is revealed later on. His medallion's element is Earth.
Rayver Cruz Mythos/Cleo Strength & Bravery. One of two chosen, 3rd Generation recruits, to the current (2nd Generation) members of Rounin, and one of elite students to pass the elimination and reach the top four, at Zephire. Mythos possesses extraordinary fighting skills that, he thinks, might have something to do with the father he never knew. When his mother refuses to talk about his father and about their life, before they arrived in Vesta, he knows that he has to find his father and the truth for himself. Little does he know that he belongs to a family of Rounin - Xander being his father, and Creon being his older brother - and his true name being "Cleo". He later receives the medallion of Water, as one of the two new recruits into the circle of 2nd Generation of Rounin. In the concluding episodes of the series, it was revealed that Mythos' real father was not the late Xander, but Cadmus himself, which explains why Mythos is the most powerful Rounin of his generation. He eventually inherits the leadership of Lumeria.
Shaina Magdayao Selene Respect. One of the elite students at Zephire, and top four chosen to become one of the two new recruits into the circle of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. She is Aura’s protégé. She has the making of the next Aria (Wu Shu) and Katana (Kali) master. She respects both her enemies and peers. Never bitter with defeat. She is the master apprentice of the Rounin school until Mythos came. She is happy to be reunited with Mythos and eventually falls in love with him. She later discovers that she is half-Helion, and that Vega is her half-sister, making Draco her father. She is later given status as Leader of the Palace Guard, if only for a short amount of time, to test her loyalty. Selene and Mythos are married by the end of the series, and have twin daughters. However, Selene's Helion heritage continues to hover over her newfound life.
Joross Gamboa Thalon Ambition. One of the elite students at Zephire, and top four chosen to become one of the two new recruits into the circle of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. He is Juris’ nephew and protégé. Student of Furian (Muay Thai). He is Selene’s closest ally, but he is slowly falling in love with her. He will be Mythos’ Rival in combat and in love, much in the same predicament that Juris, Aura, & Creon were in. He later receives the medallion of Fire, as one of the two new recruits into the circle of 2nd Generation of Rounin.
Melissa Ricks Raysian Competitiveness. One of the elite students at Zephire, and top four chosen to become one of the two new recruits into the circle of the 2nd Generation of Rounin. She is classmates with Mythos, Thalon, and Selene. She was also one of Mythos’ rivals, constantly butting heads with Mythos, during Mythos' first arrival to Zephire. During the Final Challenge, Mythos saves her life - carrying her while she was unconcsious; she eventually warms up to Mythos and becomes one of his most trusted allies in battle. She swears on her life, her complete loyalty & allegiance to Mythos, and later develops feelings for him. Soon after, she was given status as Leader/General of the soldiers prepared to attack Helion, traveling alongside the Rounin. She dies in battle trying to save Mythos against a possessed Selene.
Geoff Eigenmann Xyrus Wariness. He was sent to the city-prison, Argos, as punishment for killing a man while trying to protect Leal. He unwillingly worked for Septo while in Argos, but had turned on him after having met, spoken with, and helped, Juris. He becomes instrumental in saving and releasing Juris from being imprisoned in Argos. He is granted amnesty and is allowed to be free once again (more accurately, he was granted residency in Lumeria upon the end of the term of his punishment & imprisonment in Argos, coinciding upon the same time as Juris' extraction from Argos). He comes face to face with Leal, his former love. He ends up being a loyal and strong warrior, alongside the Rounin, helping to protect Lumeria, especially the Palace of Master Cadmus.
Aubrey Miles Vega The daughter of Draco - the king of Helion, and heiress to the throne of Helion, the arch-enemy of Cadmus and the entire kingdom of Lumeria. She resurrects and falls in love with Creon, using her power as a Helion and the power of the Water medallion. She later discovers that Selene is her half-sister, after Selene is captured in an attempt to lure Mythos, so that he would give up his medallion, for Selene's release. She is killed by Aura in a duel.
Agot Isidro Naya Naya would do just about anything for her daughter Selene. She may seem a social climbing and money-hungry woman but in truth she only wants Selene to escape the danger of her own sordid past. Her drive for Selene to become a Rounin is so that the power of a Rounin medallion would suppress or prevent the Helion blood, in Selene, to kick in, and show Selene's true nature - thus putting Selene in danger, and being subject to be sent to Argos.
Ina Raymundo Reema/Deinara A good mother to Mythos(Cleo), who always thinks of her. She doesn’t want Mythos fighting, for fear of learning about the truth of his heritage. Always trying to hide their past, content to live a simple life amd peace. She is Xander's wife, and Creon's mother. At one point during her marital disputes with Xander, she turns to Cadmus for consolation, she being Cadmus' beloved. Mythos was born as a result of this affair.
AJ Dee Braulio He is the right hand of Vega, the Queen of Helion. He is the one who executes attacks and masterminds plots against Lumeria. Secretly, he is in love with Vega and will battle Creon in her name.
Carlos Agassi Septo He is the camp leader of arrested criminals from Vesta, in Argos (a city-prison). He rules with an iron fist over a large piece of land, in Argos, and the criminals that inhabit those lands. He is feared by almost all except those who are from the Helion camp.
Monsour del Rosario Draco A power hungry king (of Helion). His only goal in life is to defeat and conquer Lumeria, as what his elder did before him. He has a special vendetta against Lumeria, after Cadmus survived their false peace treaty-turned-ambush. As Vega’s father, his mission is to mold her as a leader and have her follow in his footsteps.
Aarron Junatas Kirra He is an Enyo, a race of people who look like children but are in fact adults, he is the first person that Mythos befriends inside Lumeria. He has the power to heal injuries except his own. He becomes instrumental to Mythos and Rouninship and the discovery of his own identity.

Other Characters



Rounin's story actually began in November 2005, when writer Philip King and creative manager Rondel Lindayag pitched the idea of the heroic "Rounin of Lumeria" to ABS-CBN executives. So unique and impressive was this idea, then known as project Mythos, it took them one and a half years to complete it. Searching for good location took them months until they finally found a 44-hectare abandoned cement factory in Binangonan, Rizal, and took two months to complete the cities of Helion, Lumeria, Vesta, Argos and Icarra. All of the cast went under three months of training martial arts, capoeira, muay thai, judo, kali, arnis and wushu


The original soundtrack was released by Star Records which include ten tracks including the theme song entitled "Argos" which was composed and interpreted by the band, Bamboo.Other tracks include the love theme for the series, entitled "Iniibig Kita" sung by Kitchie Nadal and "Tanging Ikaw" performed by Shamrock.

Also in the Rounin OST include 2006 Rockista grand prize grand winner, Bojo who sings “Walang Hangganan," Acel Bisa (former vocalist of Moonstar 88) sings “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-Ibig,” Rock icon Kevin Roy, of Razorback performs “Kailanpaman,” and the superband, Sandwich sings “Humanda Ka” plus up and coming rock bands Bliss, Side Crash and North Groove performing “I Think Of You,” “One Last Time” and “Nasaan Ka Na,” respectively


On April 14, 2007, ABS-CBN aired a TV special entitled "The Making of Rounin: Ang Bagong Mitolohiya", a documentary on how Rounin was made and conceptualized. It was hosted by Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano.


Amaya is a Philippine historical fiction and period drama created and developed by Suzette Doctolero, with Marian Rivera in the title-role. Directed by Mac Alejandre, it premiered on May 30 on GMA Network and on June 1, 2011 on GMA Pinoy TV

This show is all about Philippine history prior to the conquering of the Spaniards. It is set in Panay Island in the mid-1500s.

The show had a primer which was aired on May 28 in the Philippines and May 29 on GMA Pinoy TV worldwide.


Amaya who was born with a twin snake who is destined to defeat the highest ranking leader in their time because of his misuse of power. At the beggining, Amaya was taken away from her mother's side by his father to give her the good life. She became a princess (BAYI)however, her stepmother was jealous that DATU BUGNA, the leader of their clan was giving her the love and attention that she and her two children wanted. She then went to Amaya's room (bukot) and started to harass her and question her about what's so special about her that she is favored by her husband. Bugna came and hurled her away from Amaya. After the event, she went to the empire, the one that owns their clan, and told that Bugna was planning a rebellion againts him. He then decided to get a preemtive strike and invaded Bugna' clan. On the other hand, while the invasion is on it's way, Amaya's twin snake visited her, however she doesn't have any idea at the time that although she can speak to it that its her twin. The snake foresaw an attack and warned her. Amaya panicking, went down her room (BUKOT) and told everyone about the warning. They didn't believe her until the guard sounded the warning siren. Bugna then meets up with the invaders and was surprised that his wife forsaken him. The emperor then demands for his beloved Princesses. Amaya on the other hand hid her youngest sister and along with her older step sister, they were taken to the shore where the current battle is happening. Amaya then stepped on the ground, which is forbidden because its a disrespect to her Father and that it represent cleanliness. She run and gave him a big hug however, the emperor took her as a hostage and bargained for her life. Bugna then said that he rather die than see her beloved princess die and admitted to his "Crime". He was killed and hostages were taken into their place. Meanwhile, her stepmother asked him to give her the authority over maya. He said yes, and the following day, she took Amaya out of the Coral (Animal room) and started undressing her symbolizing that she is no longer a princess but a simple servant. The episode then ended Amaya meeting the son of the emperor that she once met and thought that she like, and reject her feeling towards him due to the blood relation of him and the emperor that killed her father.


The story is set in Central Visayas in the 1500s, during the time of Rajah Mangubat's reign. He was not only known as a good warrior, but also as an undefeated one. Nobody stood a chance against him especially with his extraordinary battle skills and his magical amulet. Not long after, a village priestess prophesizes that there will be a day that he will be defeated.

Rajah Mangubat becomes anxious about the prophecy not only because he will eventually be defeated, but also because the person who will take over his power is a girl - a girl who has a snake for a twin. With this, he orders all pregnant women in his own village tribe and also in others to be killed. Datu Bugna's village is the only one that survives Rajah Mangubat's terror because they have long been friends and alliances.
What Rajah Mangubat doesn't know is that the baby girl that he has been looking for to be killed has been born in Datu Bugna's village. Amaya is Datu Bugna's daughter from Dal'lang, a slave woman. And because he wants to protect Amaya, he hides her in a secret chamber as a "binukot" and tells her that Dal'lang, is already dead. Amaya's twin snake is thrown away to the forest and is told that it may only come back if Amaya is in dire need of help.

Amaya has once attempted to escape from her chamber when she wanted to see the outside world for the first time. That was when she saw Prince Bagani for the first time. They immediately fell in love with each other. No matter the distance and the years that have passed, they still have not forgotten that day when they first met.

Because of Lamitan's evil desire to get rid of Amaya, she betrays her husband Datu Bugna and tells Rajah Mangubat her husband's plan of revolt. Rajah Mangubat's men take Amaya from her chamber and use her as blackmail to make Datu Bugna confess. He eventually does and Rajah Mangubat kills him in front of Amaya.
Rajah Mangubat takes Amaya to his village and there, turns her as one of his slaves. Amaya sees the treacherous Lamitan and becomes enraged with her father's double-crossing wife. She promises that she will do anything to avenge her father. But Rajah Mangubat still has no idea about Amaya's true identity - the girl with the twin snake
Amaya is surprised to see her long lost love, Bagani, but is devastated to find out that he is Rajah Mangubat's son. Bagani is shocked as well when he finds out that the girl he once fell in love with is now a slave. In spite of this, he still remains in love with her. However, Amaya tries to get rid of her feelings for him all for her father's sake.

Will she succeed in her battle against true love? Will she be able to finally avenge her father? Will her prophecy come true?

Cast and Characters

Main cast
Extended cast
Guest cast
  • Raymond Bagatsing as Datu Bugna
  • Edelweiss Jhyreele Tuzon as Young Amaya
  • Julian Trono as Young Rajah Mangubat
  • Sheila Rose Nuñez as Young Marikit
  • Francheska Salcedo as Young Binayaan
  • Carlo Lacana as Young Bagani


The theme song to the series is entitled Tayong Dalawa composed by Ogie Alcasid and sung by Gian Magdangal. It also has a chant song sung by Bituin Escalante.

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