They want to reject it, the antiRH group

Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo. D.D.

"Do we need this RH Bill HB 4244?"

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

“We are ignorant about these things. We want to learn from them. Sila, marurunong. Kami, mga mangmang. From the very beginning, it has always been my position that I am prolife. I believe in my faith. Only God can create life. Only God can take life. No one else."

Most Rev. Rodolfo F. Beltran, D.D. (Vicar Apostolic of Bontoc-Lagawe)

WE, the clergy of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe, reiterate our support to the stand of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill or the Responsible Parenthood (RP) Bill. (Cf. CHOOSING LIFE, REJECTING THE RH BILL, A Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, 30 January 2011)
      After everything has been said and debated on, we believe that it is time for every conscientious Filipino to make a stand on this issue. We invoke the statement of our beloved Bishop Rodolfo F. Beltran, D.D. on the rationality of the choice of life. (Cf. “…That You may Have Life to the Full” (John 10:10b), A Pastoral Letter of the Most Rev. Rodolfo F. Beltran, D.D., Vicar Apostolic of Bontoc-Lagawe, Lent 2011)
     Acting on the same statement of the Bishop of Bontoc-Lagawe, we make our promise to be vigilant on the decisions and acts of our elected officials whom we have voted into office to serve us and protect our rights and will.
      Lastly, we urge everyone, especially all our faithful in the parishes of the Apostolic Vicariate of Bontoc-Lagawe to consider most seriously the choices of officials we make during elections and see to it that they, in turn, be responsible to their duties of serving the people’s will. We restate the stand we have always made in every election that our choice of officials should be maka-buhay, maka-tao, maka-Diyos and maka-kalikasan. This must be seen in the choices our government officials make.


“My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me”

Diocese of Cubao Youth 

"RH Bill Pagsusugal sa Kinabukasan ng Kabataan"

Jose S. Sandejas, Ph.D. (Alliance for the Family Foundation Phils., Inc.)

I would like herewith to formally submit my views on this matter, which in summary, are:
(1)Contrary to the common-sense view that the Philippine population is still exploding (supported by the everywhere-seen sights of the very numerous residents in informal dwellers areas); the Philippines’ National Statistical Coordination Board in its website, quotes the Philippine Population Growth Rate (PGR) for the year 2010 to be at the worrisomely low level of only 1.82 % per annum level (versus the 2.36 % PGR of the census year 2000, which figure is often still used to justify the view that PGR is still ‘exploding’.)
(2)Equally worrisome is the Total Fertility Rate (TFR), the average number of children per woman, quoted by NSCB for the year 2010 at only 2.96 births per woman; a big decrease from the 2000 figure of 3.41 births per woman. This big drop in the TFR is palpable because all around us, we see young couples all having lesser children than their elders (even in informal dweller areas), with many young couples saying they plan on having no more than 2 or 3 children (or much less than their elders who had 4-6 children per family.).
(3)The above quoted figures from the NSCB are already indicative of a non-exploding population growth. These quoted figures, however, would be even lower if the NCSB did not ‘adjust’ the number of births upwards by almost 9% of the actual reported figures, because they say in their website that in their judgment that ‘the data needs to be adjusted’. NSCB had not been doing these adjustments, or at least they were not footnoted, earlier than the year 2000.
(4)If the NSCB figures were not to be adjusted (unadjusted figures are also shown in their website), the TFR for 2000 will only be at 2.7 children per woman; which, if extrapolated to 2010, will show a TFR of only 2.32 children per woman (vs. the TFR for 2010 of 2.96 in the NSCB website); and extrapolated further to the year 2016 will show a TFR of less than 2.1 children per woman or below replacement level fertility. This clearly shows that the Philippines is surely following the path of the ageing countries whose TFR levels had much earlier dropped below the 2.1 replacement level, and are still dropping.
(5)For the PGR, using census figures, but more correctly viewing the census results as the average for the period between the last two censuses, i.e., to view the 2007 census result of 2.04 % growth from the last census of 2000 which showed a PGR of 2.36 %, as the average PGR for the period and not the PGR for 2004 because of the fact that the PGR is clearly dropping from year to year, and is not constant at 2.04 % for the 7 years 2000 till 2007. Using this technically more correct presentation, the PGR for 2010 is only 1.69 % (vs. the 1.82 % quoted in the NSCB website).
(6)The above presentation clearly shows that the Philippines population is no longer exploding; and is in fact, worrisomely following what has happened to most other countries, both rich and poor, where family attitudes have tended towards smaller family sizes (due to migration from rural areas to urban areas; and also due to more women working) with the result of graying / ageing populations.
(7)The Philippines therefore does not need a policy on Family Planning, which we understand intends to drop PGR faster; but instead, the Philippines can reap a demographic dividend, if we can slow down or reverse this declining PGR / TFR; by government help for educating and nurturing our youth better, to have more productive citizens.

Youth Pinoy

The Seminarians’ Network of the Philippines, Inc.
"...we call on everyone not to drown in the details and debate. Let us not to lose sight of our ultimate aim: the realization of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of justice, peace, truth, and love...."

"...reaffirms its commitment to uphold the sacredness of human life and the integrity of the Filipino family as the bedrock of Philippine society. These long-held and deeply cherished values are also enshrined in the Philippine Constitution and many existing laws."


...To call it “Reproductive Health Bill” is a big distortion. Reason: The bill is not “reproductive” simply because it is against reproduction. Neither may be Bill be considered as about “Health” precisely because the chemicals in the contraceptive pills can be anything but healthy....Hence, the right and proper title is “Sex Bill 4244”. Take away the dear trimmings and endearing niceties from the Bill and this is its fundamental tripod: Sex. Safe Sex. Sexual Methods. The conclusion is then elementary: It is the “Sex Bill 4244” in plain and elementary language.

End products of Sex Bill 4244: Promiscuity. Insensibility. Amorality. 

   The Bill promotes promiscuity. It guarantees copulative delight without fear or worry. No attention to their consequences. No concern for human dignity. It invites sexual consummate actions with others not his or her spouse. It induces “lovers” to premarital relationships. It draws young people to sexual acts. Reason: No problem. No conception. No dispute.
The Bill encourages insensibility. Simply enjoy sex with anybody at anytime, in any way and at any place. The good manners and right conduct about human sexuality are irrelevant. The good or evil of sexual acts is nonsense. The propriety or inequity of sexual encounters is immaterial. The supreme law of life is sexual delight. Sexual deviates are likewise a non-issue.
The Bill inspires amorality. Just enjoy sex. Simply ensure safe sex. Try any and all sex methods that give the greatest sexual pleasure. Ethics? What is that? Morals? So what? Sexual amorality promotes addiction to sex. And sexual addiction is a real family malediction, a special empirical social curse. 
...Pitiful Pilipino People (PPP)! They are the enemy of the government. They are the cause of poverty. They are the liability of the country. Then “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!” Now: “Kung walang ipapanganak, walang mahirap! Then: “Ang daang matuwid!” Now: “Ang daang masikip!” Then: “Kayo ang boss ko!” Now: “Ako ang boss ninyo!”
     One thing certain: When those already born do not want others to be born like them—there must be something very wrong about this.   

Eric Manalang, Chairman of Prolife Philippines
 “This goes to show that this is not just a Catholic issue because the RH bill is not just a simple law.”

Rep. Anthony Golez

" begins upon fertilization or when the woman's egg cell meets the male sperm cell...Before we can even decide at all (on the RH Bill), we have to decide whether or not this state, as enshrined in the Constitution, would protect the life of mother and unborn from moment of fertilization or conception."

Rep. Roilo Golez
"Ang panukalang batas ay kinopya lang doon sa existing law, Magna Carta for Women. Pag ganitong kinopya lang, redundant, dapat ibasura talaga as far as these provisions are concerned...Kahit na po nagkaroon na ng Magna Carta, alam naman nila na may kakulangan iyon, alam ba nila, nakalagay ba doon ang freedom of choice? Baka naman iyan ang long-term plan, gayahin si Secretary Clinton. Naalala ko, the principal author from Albay sabi maraming bansa na may RH. Hindi niya nabanggit, marami doon may abortion na"


"We are also against the RH Bill because it is against Islam"

Dr. Ligaya Acosta (Human Life International)
 RH was a mere “marketing term for abortion.” If the RH Bill does not require spousal or parental consent before acquiring RH methods, then that means that the Bill encourages abortion, since the only act which a person would rather not let her spouse or parents know about is abortion. If the Bill prohibits religion and family from meddling with one’s right to RH methods, then what will become of morality and the Filipino family? RH leads to the Filipino youth’s poor English literacy since the English reading materials available are on sex and reproductive health, which they should not have access to. There is no need for the RH Bill because what we need has been in effect for a while now.

Randy David, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  "Debating the RH bill"

Tony Roxas from the Pro-Life Coalition

"If the RH Bill becomes a law, children as young as 10 years old will be able to have sex, and their parents can’t do anything about it lest they (the parents) be thrown in jail. Consequently, the RH Bill will then legalize child prostitution, since dirty old men with money can simply send scouts out to public schools to pick out young girls for their sexual whims."

Fr. Melvin Castro (CBCP)
" Tayo ba ay mahirap dahil madami tayo o madami tayo dahil tayo'y mahirap? "

Atty. Jo Imbong (CBCP Family and Life)

Rep. Emmanuel Pacquiao
 “Nananawagan ako na magkaisa tayo at manatili sa pagmamahal ng Panginoon… Sana hindi utos ng tao ang sundin, kundi utos ng Panginoon...Hindi nangangahulugan na kinokontra ko ang administrasyon. Ang pag-ayaw ko sa RH bill ay galing sa aking puso...Sa tingin ko hindi kailangan ng mahihirap ang RH bill. Ang kailangan nila ay magkaisa ang mga nasa pamahalaan at iwasan ang korapsyon.”

"Magtiis tayo, dapat may pagtitiis tayo. Makasalanan yung paggamit ng condom at pagpapalaglag ng bata...Magsakripisyo kayong mga lalaki. Yung mga babae din pala. Minsan yung babae pa ang nangangalabit...Hindi naman sinabi na 'Go out and multiply' pero dalawa lang ang anak"

Raul Pangalangan, Philippine Daily Inquirer
"Wrong and wrong-headed on RH"

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim

“Never na kami ay bumibili ng mga contraceptives. Wala kaming ginagamit na city funds diyan kahit isa at ayaw namin ng aborsyon...We should concentrate on Science, Mathematics and other subject. What is need is real and good education...Ngayon yung mga pagdating sa teenage years, bahala na yung mga magulang niyan syempre naman kahit na hindi mo utusan yung mga magulang maski papano, iga-guide yung kanilang mga anak lalo na yung mga babae...“Ang sakin, kung saan sila maligaya, kung saan sila masaya, yun ang gawin nila, pero wag silang tatalikod sa kanilang pananampalataya sa kanilang relihiyon"
Other groups and public figures who support the CBCP and against to the RH Bill are:


Ang Kapatiran Party
Christian Pro-Life Resources for the Philippines
Family & Life Apostolate Dagupan City
In Defense of the Authentic Woman Inc
Ladies of Charity
Faculty, Students of the University Of the Philippines
Sangguniang Laiko Ng Pilipinas 
Meg Francisco
Jesus P. Estanislao 
Joey Lina 

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