SilentVoice Points: Their Views on RH Bill

What is your stand concerning the Reproductive Health Bill?

Pat Cuilan, Benguet: The RH bill is among the worthy measures that can regulate a population that’s growing faster than the economy. 
Ruel Bautista, Laguna: The RH Bill is against the Catholic Church’s doctrine. I’ll never be in favor of it. 

It’s long overdue
Nony de Leon, Bulacan: Denying the need for a population management program, as provided for in the RH Bill, is like denying that the earth is round.
Jim Veneracion, Naga City: Our runaway population is alarming, without the government acting on it as GMA has been toeing the line of the Catholic Church. The RH Bill is tantamount to our survival.
Robert Young Jr., San Juan: The RH Bill should have been made into law decades ago, but our politicians have no balls. Our population is nearing 100 million; the unemployed and underemployed make up over 15 per cent. If not for our 10 million OFWs, the number could be bigger and our economy would collapse. Poor couples don’t want to have many children, but lack of information and support from the government has results in them having five to eight children. When Atienza was Manila mayor, he banned the distribution of contraceptives in government clinics and hospitals. It led to poor couples producing like rabbits. One couple had nine children  one for each year Atienza was mayor. I think what we need now is to encourage couples with two or more kids to either have a vasectomy or ligation.
Fortunato Aguirre, Bulacan: The 90 million Pinoys crammed into our small land is abnormal. Let’s arrest the explosion. Parents must limit their brood before even more poor Pinoys can’t afford three square meals a day.
Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: The RH Bill would have been passed a long time ago had it not been opposed by the Roman Catholic Church.
Eufrocino Linsangan, Isabela: It’s too late. We won’t be having so many problems because of overpopulation if the RH Bill had been passed and implemented 40 years ago. 
Leandro Tolentino, Batangas: It should be a boon to population control management through responsible family planning methods, which our country has been in dire need of for decades.
Dante Aquino, Isabela: The bill is long overdue and should have been passed by Congress a long time ago. Congressmen should not succumb to Church pressure and give priority to the nation’s well-being!
Leonard Villa, Batac City: It’s a powerful idea that is liked by most people I talked to, most of whom were Roman Catholics. Bishops and priests should not meddle in state affairs.

It’s hard to take a stand
David Lazo Velasco, Marinduque: It’s hard to take a stand concerning the RH bill because even the respected and best of minds, including theologists, don’t agree with each another on this.
Lydia Reyes, Bataan: Your question for the day is not among my list of priorities. My concern is more on the economic condition of my country.

We have to bite the bullet now
Josh Pacatang, Dipolog City: Yes, of course, the RH Bill should now be part of the laws of the land. Ninety-two million people living in 7,107 or so small islands by the year 2035 will make the country too overcrowded.
Ric Vergara, Calamba City: My religion opposes the bill, but my conscience says we have to bite the bullet now!
Ed Mislang, Metro Manila: The RH Bill should be enacted as soon as possible. Just look at the flood victims in evacuation areas with the many children in tow at such young ages! One mother claimed she had five children with her, all below 10 years old. The RH Bill does not encourage abortion, as so many opposers claim. How can there be abortion when no fetus has been conceived? Remember, the key word here is “contra”, as in contra-conception. It is high time this country limited its population in order to move on economically and achieve developed status.
Elizabeth Oximer, Negros Occidental: Implement the bill now. The Lord will understand. As with disasters, this will prevent population explosion.
Col. Ben Paguirigan Jr., Ret., Zamboanga City: Our country is so densely populated that our economy and other contributing factors cannot cope with our sexually active citizenry. Damn the oppositionists.

The Church must recognize the urgency of the situation
C.B. Manalastas, Manila: For the sake of our suffering countrymen caused mainly by a never-ending daily increase in the population, I hope for its immediate approval.
JC Punongbayan, Quezon City: The proposed RH bill does not impose a two-child policy, poses risks to maternal and child health, and will definitely not lead to legalized abortion. Abortion arises as a last resort precisely because mothers can’t avoid conception from happening in the first place, because of restricted access and information to more effective contraceptive measures. Although not a panacea for all our problems, the bill is but a recognition of the empirically-proven link between high total fertility rates and low per capita incomes. It’s high time that the Church appreciate the urgency of such measure, for the future and welfare of the greater population is at stake.

The Church will never change its stand
John Francis Aberion, Cavite: I strongly support and adhere to the Roman Catholic Church’s stand against the RH Bill. The Catholic Church primarily promotes human dignity. Contrary to what others think, the Church even adheres to progress made by the sciences, insofar as these sciences do not trigger human exploitation influenced by politics and media. The Church willingly promotes proper family planning according to what the couple can rightfully sustain. That is why prior to the RH Bill, there must be proper discipline and education. There is no need for more redundant laws and contradictory articles, which, in the end, promote exploitation. Such redundancies only cause more injury to human dignity. The country can still progress and at the same time manage its population if all participate against the violation of human rights. And please, let the Church advise on moral issues; let’s not rely on the sole presumptions of the politicians and the media. The Church’s stand will not change because it involves the nature of man as an image of the dignified creature created in the image and likeness of God. So don’t think that contraceptives will ever be approved by the Church.
Romeo Caubat, Masbate: I’m for the RH Bill. It’s only the Catholic priests, fearing loss of income, who are very vocal against it.

The bill must be in accordance with God’s will
Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: This is a very sensitive and debatable question because it involves the Catholic Church. I’m a Catholic so whatever my stand is, it is due to the doctrines and teachings I have received as a true believer. As faith dictates, I have to say that I am against contraceptives. It endangers the lives of child-bearing women as well as those who engage in pre-marital sex.
Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: Family planning was already an economic issue even during the time of Jesus Christ. Apostle Paul taught everything about family planning in 1 Corinthians Chapter 7. All means of family planning he taught were difficult, as following the commandments of God is really difficult unless one is circumcised of the heart. Genesis 38: 8-10 explained that the sperm cell, thought not yet a fetus, is a living cell that will become a fetus once mated with the egg cell. Throwing away sperm cells is abominable to God as it is tantamount to murder. The RH Bill is a concern of Christian teachings; it must be always in accordance with the will of God, not of temporal-minded man.

It’s against Catholic doctrine
Dennis Acop, Benguet: My stand concerning the RH Bill is the same as that of the Catholic Church. That is: Family planning, including the protection of the reproductive health of fathers, mothers, and offspring, is alright so long as it is pursued without violating the natural law. A lot of people actually think that the Catholic Church is against family planning. The truth is that the Catholic faith is not at all against family planning, but the Church does advocate natural family planning. The practice of natural family planning is more difficult and this is the reason why secular policy makes possible artificial family planning options to people. Actually, the Church’s position is not only difficult to implement physically but is even much more difficult to comprehend in its profound sense of emphasizing the moral sanctity of sex and reproduction within the marriage. Most people, even those among the supposed faithful, simply cannot get themselves to abide by these moral precepts.

The RH Bill will promote “free sex”
Desuel Pardo, Mandaluyong City: There should not be any controversy to RH Bill as the Bible also teaches family planning to avoid economic difficulties in life. But to use man-made gadgets or operate on reproductive organs to avoid pregnancy are not natural means of birth control. A woman’s monthly period is natural so the means of controlling pregnancy must also be natural. Taking away the element of procreation in mating will leave only the expression of love and lustful satisfaction; thus, excluding the presence of God in the family.
Dante de los Reyes, Bacolod City: I’m not in favor of the passage of the RH Bill for the simple reason that, if passed, it will promote “free sex”, not safe sex, as the bill purports to adhere to. It will result in the proliferation of contraceptive products which our teenage children can easily buy anywhere, even in public markets. It’s not the population problem, but corruption and poverty that are besetting our country today. This bill will only profit multi-national corporations selling contraceptives.

Who’s behind the RH Bill?
Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: In 1995, my ex-wife Jo sent me an article exposing the World Health Organization’s sinister plan to eradicate the birth of humans through a cleverly concealed birth control program. I was skeptical then, but in 2007, my friend Cathy sent me e-mails exposing the WHO’s evil plot to increase autism in humans by mercury-spiked medicines. By then, I took notice and researched. Is it mere coincidence that autism has increased in the last 20 years? Fifty years ago, I hardly saw autistic children. I view the RH bill with apprehension. Who’s behind it?

It will control our fast-growing population
Benjamin Nillo, Las Piñas City: Our country’s burgeoning population warrants the RH Bill to be enacted with dispatch. It would certainly address overcrowding.
Ferdinand Rafer, Cavite: Our birth rate outpaces our economic growth. If that trend would continue, we will stagnate. We need that bill to somehow manage our population.
Ricardo Tolentino, Laoag City: It’s the ultimate solution to starvation. If the government cannot raise food production, it should encourage limiting population reproduction.
Rey Onate, PalayanCity: I am for its serious implementation. I believe it is a good measure to control our fast-growing population.

It needs revision
Lucas Banzon Madamba II, Laguna: The RH Bill is concerned about managing the population explosion. However, I do not intend to support it because of some provisions which may be detrimental to the progress of the country as well as to humanity.
Ei delos Reyes, Quezon City: With some revisions, I could support it.
Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: I am anti-abortion. The RH Bill must be given serious studying, considering the rapid population growth that we have now.

Nature will reduce the population
C.K. Yeo, Iloilo City: The RH Bill will never be passed into law. Ninety per cent of officials are Catholic; 100 per cent of them are afraid to earn the ire of the Church. The natural method is not effective either. When there are too many of us, nature will reduce the population without any need for planning through war, pestilence, and calamities. The process has begun. Have you not noticed?

This bill only aims to promote awareness
Eddie Yap, Kabankalan City: The RH Bill must be extensively promoted among couples, especially from the grassroots, who lack enough knowledge on the importance of this bill. Having children which you cannot afford to raise is a big sin; thus, looking for ways to prevent it is advisable and must be practiced.
Johann Lucas, Quezon City: The RH Bill only aims to promote an awareness of health issues and to empower citizens to make the right choices for their families. It is not about promoting artificial contraception because natural contraception is also provided in the bill.
Rose Leobrera, Manila: I am for it to become a law. It is beneficial because through this, the problem of our ballooning population might be solved. The bill will help educate parents on proper parenting, tamang agwat at bilang, and what their pockets can afford. With proper planning, care and attention will be given to the children. Otherwise, kawawa ang mga bata.

It will promote responsible parenthood
Erwin Espinoza, Pangasinan: The RH Bill is pro-progress. Let’s consider population control this time so as to have fewer mouths to feed.
June Deoferio, Cavite: I’m in favor of the RH Bill because it benefits the poor people in terms of their buying capacity and medical needs.
Felix Ramento, Manila: At 96 million and still growing, the size of our population doesn’t seem to scare our so-called leaders as they continue to hopelessly acquiesce to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church with respect to its position against the RH Bill now pending in Congress. With much of our meager resources either being wasted or pocketed by inept and callous government officials, how soon can we ever expect to improve the lot of our neglected impoverished people?
Delfin Todcor, Quezon City: Yes, if the intention of the RH Bill is to help guide Filipino men and women of reproductive age to become responsible parents and help them maintain the population.
Ernesto Oliquiano, Las Piñas City: It is one law that will benefit the entire nation if enacted. We all know that poverty is largely caused by overpopulation. Most, if not all, underdeveloped countries have populations more than they can sustain. This is the reason why poverty in these countries exists. I also urge the church to please stop opposing this bill. They should be realistic that when God commanded Adam and Eve to ‘go ye and multiply’, there were only two human beings on earth then. Now, we have billions of Adams and Eve and surely, even God will be hesitant this time to tell these billions to go and multiply further.

It must be enforced on illegal settlers
Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: The RH Bill has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s not talk about the Catholic Church’s views. Many Asian countries have made sharp reductions in poverty because they have been benefiting from a demographic bonus resulting from an increasing share of workers relative to young dependents. The problem with our country is that most young dependents are children of illegal settlers who cannot send their children to school. In the end, they will continue begging and will not be able to replace the old workers. The RH bill is good and must be forcibly enforced to all illegal settlers in order to stop the production of this class of people.

Contraceptives don’t kill
Elsa Mendoza, Quezon City: The country’s Catholic Church opposes the RH Bill, denouncing it as pro-abortion, anti-life, anti-women, anti-poor, and immoral. I am a Catholic, but I also believe that the RH Bill is pro-life and pro-women. The bill is meant to prevent abortions by offering couples their choice of safe, legal and affordable family planning methods (natural and artificial). It therefore seeks to avert unwanted pregnancies, which cause poor miserable women despairing yet over another pregnancy to resort to dangerous induced abortions. It’s a pity that so many women should make abortion a family planning method for want of an effective means to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. The country needs a national policy on reproductive health and population development as provided by this Bill. This could curb population growth, which is crucial to overall economic growth and poverty reduction.
Cris Rivera, Rizal: It is not to deprive life to thrive. Family planning is all about giving the best in life. Contraceptives don’t kill, but abortion will.

This needs political will
Louella Brown, Baguio City: The Philippine Congress should take a bold stand concerning the RH Bill once and for all. Our population problem is alarming.
Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan: I’m in favor of the RH Bill, but it is headed to the archives due to the opposition of the Catholic Church. It needs political will to achieve it.
Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: The bill is a litmus test for all those running for public office. Let’s see who has the guts to push for this all-important piece of legislation.
Rowena Remiendo, Makati City: For me, the RH Bill will be very beneficial to all. Statistics and surveys show that a large majority agrees to this.  

What words do you have for pro-RH Bill advocates?
Lucas Banzon Madamba, Laguna: It’s their Constitutional right to express their own viewpoints and their own advocacies regarding the RH Bill.
Jay Ricky Villarante, Makati City: If you want to help the poor, give your own money, without forcefully taking that of other people, just so you could dole out contraceptives.

Stand up for your beliefs
Dino Monzon, Caloocan City:  Stand up for your beliefs. This is a democratic country in modern times where the state and church are separate. The Philippines is not a nation dominated by friars.
June Deoferio, Cavite: Stand up for your advocacy, belief and right as pro-RH Bill.

I am all for it
Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: I believe that the RH Bill is pro-human and pro-choice. Let’s have it passed by Congress.

Stop endorsing the RH Bill now
Christopher Maganding, Metro Manila: Stop advocating the RH Bill now. The RH Bill is not the solution to poverty, but it may prompt divisiveness among Filipinos.

We can no longer be indifferent
Ruel Bautista, Laguna: God once destroyed the earth through floods because of our stubbornness. Should we continually tempt our fate by indifference?
Joan Cejes, Makati City:  Hindi kasing kitid ng isip ng mga anti-RH Bill ang isip ng Panginoon. Naniniwala ako na hindi pwedeng iasa ang lahat sa Diyos. Hindi pwedeng maghintay lang tayo sa pagdating ng pag-unlad. Ang kailangan, gumawa tayo ng paraan para umunlad. Go pro-RH Bill. We can do this. 

For the thinking set
Rico Fabello, Parañaque City: This bill is for the thinking mind. There’s no other way to define it.

Acting like gods
Elmo Cruz, Manila: Controlling pregnancy through artificial methods is against the will of God. It is like the fruit of the tree that God prohibited Adam and Eve from eating. It is like reaching the power of God by building the Tower of Babel. It is like surrogate motherhood that Sarah and granddaughters, Leah and Raquel, did to have children. They offered their slaves to Abraham and Jacob to bear children. It is also like cloning to produce animals by artificial means. All this tinkers with God’s plan. Exponents and supporters of RHB, do you want to be like God?

It won’t help the economy
Leoard Kristian Gelacio, Cauayan City: This is what I have to say: It will not help our economy progress.

What’s the fuss?
Rose Leobrera, Manila: The RH Bill is a matter of choice. There is no killing here or abortion. So what’s the fuss? The Church must focus its attention on “feeding” its flock. Madaming naliligaw ng landas. It must also improve its church services. Nakakaantok! Since it operates tax-free, how about building homes for the needy, instead of the unending beautification and construction of their grand convents?
Noel Alquiza, Metro Manila: They must also consider that family planning methods and contraceptives have been introduced and taught in barangay health centers since Marcos’ time, but look at us now. We’re 92 million strong. Besides, contraceptives are available and have been learned in school.

We need population control
J.R. Mondonedo Jr., Parañaque City: So be it. It’s not abortion we are talking about here, but population control. The Philippines will never move forward unless our population is controlled. Those who are against it have no other solutions for the population’s explosion, let alone to feed them.
Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: Continue educating others on the RH Bill. Uncontrolled lust and sexual desires will result in a population explosion and, eventually, hunger.

Against abortion
Cris Rivera, Rizal: The pros and cons have a common objective to curb abortion. However, we differ on how we discern its contents, particularly on the subject of contraceptives. Pills and ligation, at times, have some negative effects on users.
Elizabeth Oximer, Negros Occidental: Hindi tayo mamamatay-tao no!
Salvador Cagurangan, Tuguegarao City: The RH Bill is a license to kill people, particularly innocent babies. The real issue here is: When does life begin? This is a question of science, not of religion. Science has shown that life begins at fertilization and not at implantation. The so-called artificial contraceptives actually prevent implantation, not fertilization. It prevents a human being, the fertilized egg, from having a house and food to eat. Hence, it kills the innocent baby by starving it to death.

Responsible parenthood
Lydia Reyes, Bataan: To each his own tayo when it comes to the RH Bill, but not as to cause divisiveness. Let’s just give emphasis to responsible parenthood.
Jun Montebon, Parañaque City: Whether one is pro-RH or anti-, I think the government should help, or even coerce couples, to adopt responsible parenthood.
Edwin Chinel Monares, Rizal: Let us ensure that life, not just existence, is ensured. Freedom entails responsibility and the RH Bill provides for the responsibilities in the exercise of that God-given freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. Let us give our struggling citizenry a clear understanding of the consequences of their irresponsibility.
Dr. Jose Balcanao, Benguet: Pro-RH Bill advocates are realists in that they know the real meaning of responsible parenthood. Since not all men and women have discipline in sex, then sex must be regulated to come up with healthy families and children. Let us not be hypocrites in debating about the RH Bill.
Dennis Vibandor, Camarines Sur: I am a devout Catholic, but I think the RH Bill will give us freedom of choice a choice where we can give a good life to our children and a choice for better and responsible parenthood.

I support P-Noy’s stand
Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: If you are pro-RH Bill, I am, too. I support the President’s stand on the issue.

Keep going
Miguelito Herrera, Cabanatuan City: They are truly admirable in their crusade. May their tribe increase and may they never stop believing in their ideals. We are behind you a hundred percent.
Jim Veneracion, Naga City: Sa mga kapwa ko RH Bill advocates:  Makibaka, tayo ay nasa matuwid na daan. It’s a fact that majority of Filipinos are pro-RH bill and that includes me. I would like to tell them not to be swayed by the unholy alliance of Pacquiao and the Catholic Church. These people are the misguided elements of our society who are clouding the issues, and are mightily dragging us to live and go back to the Middle Ages.
Pong Tenazas, Quezon City: At last they have shown political will without fear of anybody, especially the church. They can count me in.
Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: If Juan Flavier can win as senator despite the church opposition to his stand on family planning, so can we as pro-RH bill advocates.

Addressing poverty
Felix Ramento, USA: It is a timely measure if only to address the mushrooming colonies of slums where the birth rate goes unchecked and people live in squalor. We will never move forward as a nation if we remain oblivious to the great number of our people mired in extreme poverty.
Louella Brown, Baguio City: For pro-RH Bill advocates, you have a good stand. But there could be a better one for our long-suffering countrymen.

Think of health care
Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: Ilan ang bilyones na pondo para sa health care ng mga buntis na ina? I think that’s the best solution to the problem re: RH Bill.

Another venue for corruption
Ma. Ana Tango, Metro Manila: Contraceptives already abound in the market. They are readily accessible and advertised even. Why is legislation needed? Is it really to help the poor or to line the pockets of the rich? It is unconscionable that all these talks will just redound to another venue for corruption, after funding for the project is authorized once the bill becomes a law. I am against the RH Bill.

Corruption causes poverty
Mel Jaingue, Quezon City: Pro-RH bill advocates say that overpopulation is the cause of poverty in our country. I think they must consider that corruption is the culprit and the cause.

Answer these questions
Ishmael Calata, Parañaque City: At the outset, I would like to ask pro-RH Bill advocates the single question I have been asking since this bill was introduced in the halls of Congress by its principal proponent a few years back: Have you read the contents of the bill the original and the eventually revised version? I have found 90 per cent of my respondents to be ignorant about the bill. For those who have not, please get a copy and read it. For those who have done so, I ask the following question? 1. Are you aware that the artificial contraceptive means pills, IUDs, injectables, vasectomy, ligation they want our government to spend a huge amount of money on what has been here for about six decades now and they call these modern methods; 2. Do you know that the pills used now have proven to be abortifacent and some of the devices used actually abort a human being at its earliest formation; and so, would you allow taxpayers’ money to be used for abortion?; 3. Do you want your young children to go through a sex education proven to make many children promiscuous?; and 4. Would you allow us, pro-life advocates, to be jailed if we refuse to do or contradict what the bill says? Please think about these.
Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: If the RH Bill is finally enacted into law, but poverty and hunger remain and the health of mother and child are not protected, what would you say? How would you deal with the acquisition of artificial means of birth control becoming another source of corruption? How would you feel about your teenage daughters getting into sexual relationships with their partners because they will not get pregnant due to artificial means of preventing pregnancy?

Is it beneficial?
Lorena Martinez, Passi City, Iloilo: All I can say is that, do what you think is for the benefit of the Filipino people. God knows your true intention/reason for supporting the RH Bill. God bless the Philippines!
Ignacio Anacta, Metro Manila: If these pro-RH Bill advocates fully believe that it’s beneficial to our nation, then they should fight for it. But may I share words of caution, though: the fewer facts you have in support of an opinion, the stronger your emotional attachment will be.

Uphill climb
Robert Young Jr., San Juan: The RH Bill has gone through dozens of revisions. At least seven Congresses have bypassed the bill. It will be easier for a camel to go through a needle hole than to pass the bill or fight the church, which is against it. This country is doomed.
Johann Lucas, Quezon City: Good luck with your campaign, but you are pushing the proverbial uphill, given this is not a secular nation but effectively a “Catholic police state”.

Find a middle ground
Rudy Tagimacruz, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon: The pro-RH Bill advocates are as reasonable as those opposed to it. An extra mundane intervention has to materialize to end our growing division.
William Gonzaga, Marikina City: Be resolute and patient in fully explaining clearly the bill’s provisions deemed highly contentious by the anti-RH Bill advocates, thereby arriving at a final form that will merit eventual approval. The pros and antis should work together with the end-view of arresting the burgeoning population, which may contribute to the worsening level of poverty in the country.

Implement the law properly
C.B. Manalastas, Manila: Go, go, go, and when the RH Bill is approved, make sure the law is properly implemented.
Dr. Francis Regalado, Manila: They should change their advocacy to anti-corruption campaign, because any bills passed will be worthless if mediocre politics and governance will just corrupt the funding and system for such bills and never get implemented at all. Come on!

Live and let live
Manny Cordeta, Marikina City: Those advocating or pushing for the bill to be enacted into law have reasons to stand for, and like anybody else’s views or opinions, they’ve got to be respected. In the same vein, those who oppose it expect to receive a similar treatment. Live and let live.
Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: Go forth and multiply. But if you cannot do that, use what you have at hand. It’s your conscience and your body that are at stake, not mine, anyway.

A people’s referendum is called for
Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: They must go ahead but be wary of dilatory tactics that may derail their track. If necessary, they need an alternate route like bringing the matter to a referendum to determine the will of the majority of our people.
Duardo Dilag, Metro Manila: RH bill advocates in both Houses in Congress should push for a plebiscite on the said issue to get the real sentiment of the majority of the people. Let us see if the Roman Catholic Church would condemn or worse, ex-communicate, the majority if the result favors the bill.
Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: The RH Bill debate is turning into a heated discussion between religious fanatics and state legislators.

Rolly Darjuan, Parañaque City: Only a referendum will silence the noisy minority who are against the RH bill.

The issue is responsible parenthood
Ruth Sacro, Marikina City: Couples, please be responsible. Huwag anak nang anak kung walang trabaho, hindi kaya ng pamilya, at walang disenteng tirahan. The government and Church will not feed you.
Dr. Jose Balcanao, Benguet: Debates on the RH Bill must not be based on personalities, emotions, or persuasions from religious sects. It should be based on the logic of how such bill will promote responsible parenthood as an effective measure to alleviate poverty.
Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan: The Catholic Church, being at the forefront of the anti-RH mob, will always want the majority of Filipinos to remain poor and ignorant and will use people like Pacquiao to impose its twisted opposition to the bill. The Catholic Church should instead lecture its parishioners that sex is not only about procreation, satisfaction and obedience to God but most of all, it is about responsibility. I have a jobless friend who cannot even support himself but has 14 children.
Richard Decena, Quezon City: Bukod sa pagkontra ng mga Padre Damaso sa Reproductive Health Bill, kupkupin na rin nila ang lahat ng batang nagugutom at walang kinabukasan.
Right to libido
Antonio Villanueva, Laguna: The furor about the RH Bill is for the protection of the right to libido of the incorrigible prolific sires.

Endless discussion
Elmo Cruz, Manila: The ongoing debate will go nowhere, as none of the combatants will accept the arguments of the other. The pro-lifers, despite their limited argument, will not give up their stand of following the will of God rather than the law of men. The pro-RH Bill are smart people with plenty of arguments, and they also have big followers.
Ignacio Anacta, Metro Manila:  There are always three sides to an argument: yours, the other side, and the right one. Is this RH Bill going to help our poor country improve? Will this RH Bill support the welfare of the Filipino families? Is it going to protect the prospective mother and child? If the answers to these questions are yes, then we’ve got to go for it. Otherwise, kill this bill and move on to other pressing issues like corruption and tax evasions.

A referendum is best
Felix Ramento, USA: It is a futile exercise. If our so-called leaders cannot wean themselves from the clutches of our unofficial state religion, then let the people, on their behalf, decide through a referendum. Power, after all, resides in the people.

P-Noy supports it
Tony Gomez, Parañaque City: I am just glad that P-Noy is showing strong political will against the interference of the church. Other so-called leaders would have wilted under threat of ex-communication.
Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: It’s better to have these debates rather than let the government ram down the provisions of the Bill on the throats of unsuspecting Filipinos. The RH Bill is not the end-all or be-all to the ills and poverty infesting our country. From the looks of it, the Aquino government seems sold to it as the solution to the problem that has remained unsolved for decades. 

P-Noy should stay out of it
C.B. Manalastas, Manila:  Let them debate. Both sides have good reasons. Whoever wins, the Filipinos will still suffer. Upang huwag na lumaki pa ang gulo sa RH Bill, hindi na dapat makisawsaw si P-Noy sa usaping ito, at gawin na lang niya ang mga ibang mahalagang problema sa bayan.

A waste of time
Joe Nacilla, Las Piñas City: The ongoing debate concerning the RH Bill is a waste of time and we are just fooling ourselves. Granting the pro and the anti have both valid grounds to present, the question is: Who is the audience listening and to be convinced that their view is the one correct? It is the politically illiterate, i.e. lowly farmers, underpaid teachers, poor students, and jobless new graduates. The final result it will be the voice of their Mayor or Governor that they will listen to.
Lorena Martinez, Passi City, Iloilo: Is there a need to argue on the RH Bill issue? You will just be wasting your time. This is a democratic country, but most Filipinos are Roman Catholic. Let the public decide.
Lydia Reyes, Bataan: It’s a waste of time. We have more grave issues to attend to. Ano ba kayo?

A healthy exchange of ideas
Miguelito Herrera, Cabanatuan City: It’s healthy and the public will be enlightened, since there’s a wide range of issues involved. It’s one of the great debates we have seen so far; better than the Presidential debates.
Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: Pro- and anti-RH Bill advocates have contrasting views. Debates should continue in order to enlighten those who are still ignorant.
Juan Deveraturda, Subic, Zambales:  The debate is getting more exciting because of the name-calling and the participation of bishops, politicians, and showbiz personalities. I have not read the provisions of the proposed bill, but I tend to go with its passage. I agree with the justification being used by the proponents, when they say that the proposed law will help couples arrive at an informed choice on birth control and family planning, and that it will not legalize abortion.
William Gonzaga, Marikina City: The ongoing debates are a productive exercise and healthy exchange of ideas, which hopefully will provide solutions to the existing population explosion that inevitably negates the country’s economic progress. The debates should focus on the real objectives of the bill, which is to give parents the right to determine the number of children they want in accordance with their financial capability, free from the dictates of religion and the state. Both sides of the equation must arrive at a bill that is devoid of controversial provisions and will eventually redound to the country’s welfare.
Ruel Bautista, Laguna: Debates, especially on the life-altering RH Bill, are healthy. All aspects should be carefully scrutinized to avoid transgressing human or divine providence.
Jim Veneracion, Naga City: The debate on the RH Bill is healthy and most welcome. At least, those who are anti- would be enlightened, including Pacquiao. As the RH Bill has been outstanding for several Congresses now, I hope that it gets to be passed this time. The debates would further clarify the remaining grey areas inherent in the bill.

That’s entertainment
Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: The ongoing debate over the RH Bill is a lot more entertaining than watching “Kaos” or a Pinoy rock concert. Sayang, hindi na kasali sina Chiz, Alan P. Cayetano, Jinggoy, Jamby and Dilangalen. Fortunately, Miriam, Enrile, Pacman and Trillanes are there. Mas maaksyon pa sa Luneta grandstanding ni Mendoza.

It’s academic
Efren Castalone, Metro Manila: Palabas na lang ang mga iyan, kasi matagal nang gumagamit ng mga birth control mechanism/aids ang mga Pilipino.
Deo Durante, Camarines Sur: It’s good, as we become aware of the issue, but bad because contraceptives and other birth control gadgets have long been sprawled on the streets. The debate is likewise a waste of time. It burns money and it misuses the salary we give to our solons. Next on the agenda, please.
Dr. Francis Regalado, Manila: Debating and ratifying a law is one thing, while implementation is another. With the mediocre governance, transparency and bureaucracy, I believe that if ever the RH Bill is passed, it will just be one of those laws passed but never followed and implemented, only becoming a source of corruption.

We’re a Catholic country
Mel Jaingue, Quezon City: The ongoing debates re: RH Bill are a waste of time and effort. Such a controversial bill should have been scrapped already, with so much opposition in a Catholic country as ours.
Rodolfo Talledo, Angeles City: Having run out of arguments, bishops have started to employ threats and cheap antics. They urge people not to pay taxes without saying that the church never pays taxes, and that doing so could land people in jail. The deception is designed for the naive and unsuspecting believers.

Holier than thou
J.R. Mondonedo Jr., Parañaque City:  People who are against the RH Bill are probably mostly Catholics and living in the past. Can’t they use their heads and start thinking that the RH Bill is not about abortion, but about population control and family planning among married couples? Parang feeling nila napaka-righteous nila.
Elpidio Que, Vigan: The debate is likened to conservative against ultra-modern or light against the world. Pro-life is confined to the will of God, while the pro-choice has diverse worldly causes. Pro-life is bound to be overwhelmed by the huge number of pro-choice supporters. However, the result of the debate and legislation will not affect the stand of pro-life until the end of time as they will forever seek divine intervention to close the issue.

We make our own choices
June Deoferio, Cavite: It is good to hear and listen to the debates for every side on their reasons about whether the RH Bill is good or bad. We make our own choices.
Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: Let the debates continue. What’s important are our personal convictions on how to raise a healthy family.
Carmela Ramento, Cagayan de Oro:  What matters to me is what happens in the bedroom. No debates, no priests, no congressmen, no senators, only the couple deciding what is best for them.

Let the debates continue
Dino Monzon, Caloocan City: The current RH debates are welcome, as they will, God-willing, examine all the aspects of the bill, giving Juan dela Cruz the info to decide the issue.
Ishmael Calata, Parañaque City: I believe we should continue with these debates and not hurry up in passing a very controversial bill that has now divided our nation! Let us give a chance for our people to appreciate what this is all about, so as not to swallow what is being rammed into them. Being pro-life, since this bill surfaced a few years back, it has become routine on my part to ask friends, acquaintances, politicians, even the religious, if they knew everything that is contained in the Reproductive Health Bill. I have found that even those I consider in the intelegencia sector of our society are not aware of many provisions therein. Look again, friends. Since many contraceptives are abortifacient, shall we allow the program to be funded with our tax money to kill the unborn?

Cut to the chase
Louella Brown, Baguio City: The ongoing debates concerning the RH Bill indicate how democracy works. But these debates must end now and decisions be reached.
Jayson Biadog, Mandaluyong City: Stop the debate and start working on the solution whether to choose faith or contraceptives. Just educate the public and let them decide.
Johann Lucas, Quezon City: Discussants and debaters must stick to the main issue, avoid name-calling, and not indulge in polemics. They must try hard to see issues from the standpoint of the other, instead of insisting their own way of seeing as “commonsensical” or “rational” or truly “moral” such words can be conversation-stoppers.

It’s all part of democracy
Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: I’m pro-RH Bill, but the ongoing debates are part of democracy, so I’ll just wait and see whatever happens. Pervasive corruption, aggravated by population explosion, remains the stumbling block to our progress.
Nescel Panes, Passi City, Iloilo: I hope it will produce good results that are favorable to public expectations. The debate is getting hotter. However, it also expresses freedom of speech on both pros and cons of the RH Bill. Who knows, it might end up in a productive and useful outcome.

A smokescreen
Diony Yap, Bacolod City: RH Bill debates were prioritized to hide our government’s inaction over plunder cases filed against AFP generals.

Still a long way to go
Lucas Madamba, Laguna: The Reproductive Health Bill is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control. The ongoing debates concerning the bill by the Philippine Congres still has a long way to go.
Ruben Viray, Antipolo City: This Reproductive Health Bill will still go a long way before it’s ratified and approved. The bill has been in question for the past 12 years, and I believe there is no bright future ahead for it, unless perhaps the Catholic Church wakes up and accepts the reality of these modern times. I only see grandstanding. The seriousness of the said issue is not in the picture. When this bill is considered, no one will ever know.

Not just a legal issue
Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: Debates on the RH Bill should not be confined to lawmakers, whose expertise is on the legal, and not the moral aspect of the law.
Noel Alquiza, Metro Manila:One thing clear about our Constitution is that there is a separation of church and state. Though the church and the anti-RH have the right to take a stand, the state also has the responsibility to implement a law that concerns all sectors in our society.

Whatever happened to freedom of choice?
Rey Onate, Palayan City: Debates on the RH Bill reveal that Catholics who oppose it are being derided. Our faith is being mocked. Ingat at nakakasakit sa loob. Good morals lang.

Review and revise
Elizabeth Oximer, Negros Occidental: Ang ibang anti-RH bill na Congressmen, taga-saang planeta ba sila? Review and revise the bill.

“Pro RH women can’t seem to realize that this bill will actually perpetuate the macho culture. We keep popping the pills so our men can use us anytime, anywhere without consequences. Gender and development has been with us for a long time. But up to now, many women still oppress other women. To add insult to injury, after blaming the men for women’s woes for a long time, they hand free sex to these men in a silver platter. This is utterly stupid and ridiculous!”

Minda Cortes-Rasing

“After a long debate with Bruce, as he represents pro-rh people—they really just don’t care.  They do not care about the female physiology—because these men won’t be taking the pills anyway.

–Sylvia Garcia Czaja

“Sabi ng mga PRO-RH….PRO-LIFE kami! PRO-QUALITY LIFE. What does that mean really???  Who gets to be the judge whose life is considered “quality” life or not. And if it that life does not pass the “quality control” that they are referring to, does it give anyone the right to abort that life?”

Rowena Mendoza De Guzman

“I really feel bad whenever the RH advocates point that the church simply opposes the bill yet does not do anything for the people. Honestly, I rarely use values-oriented/moral stand in my arguments instead, I use the economic approach when talking to my agnostic-atheist friends. However, just to defend the church: I can name more church groups and organizations who assist people up close and concretely, with education, help, counsel and accompaniment than barangay health centers creating projects for healthcare. And this is done without any appropriations.”

–Junette Fatima Gonzales
"ibasura !! prang abortin n un ee"

 "the rh bill does not, in any way, promote the use of abortificients. it clearly says so right there in the bill itself."
Mark Louie Osido
"‎.trash it.....many teen wl b encurageg 2 engge theirselvs in an intercorse, esp wd d use of contacptvs, cndms, etc. . . .let a cell live even though it signifies a mistake BUT a WANTED ACT of 2 individuals. remember: use your power in the right way and live the will of God."

"Mas maganda,kung ang debate ay gawing formal at gawing batayan ay ang biblia, para magkaalaman na kung nakakasunod ba sa batas ng biblia itong mga pari na ito. Isali lahat ng relihiyon na makidebate,yang korapsyon ay palusot nalang nila. May rh bill o wala, nandyan ang korapsyon so hindi usapin dito ang korapsyon, ang usapin dito ay responsible parenthood,ano ba ang batas ng Dios dito?" 

WalterJohn Villaflor
"well sa akin, kaht hndi na ipasa. Xenxa ha, peo my ilang punto dn aq gusto sa rh bill" 

"para macontrol na ang population natin dito..."
Christel Jay Ramos
  Jenica M. Navarro ☑
"I don't have any stand on the issue. If the bill is passed, that's fine with me. If it's not, I don't really mind. ☺" 

"Sa panahon po kasi ngayon, I guess its hard to trust the government about the fund for the RH bill"

  Angelica Rafanan
  Dr.Jose P.Rizal
"Paano tayo aahon sa kumunoy ng impluwensya ng Simbahang Katolika kung lagi nating iisipin na isa itong Goliath sa ating harapan?Laban Bayan!"

"The Philippines need the RH bill! All the arguments against it are nonsense."
Darwin Taylo

pReCi0sA bAcALs0
"RH BILL ? i do not agree about that thing because as we all know ..that law is Against to our almighty father !...tackling about RH BILL is just a waste of time ! Acording to the book of Genesis 1:1 (Go to the world and multiply )...soo people must know and understand that statement in order to find out of what is the purpose why God sent us here !"

"honestly, morality aside, I am in favor of the RH Bill but legalizing divorce is another story."
Jan Rei Raganit
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