PeoplePower Points: Sanctity vs Right on Divorce Bill

What are the views of the people on Divorce Bill?

Would it be beneficial for the Philippines to legalize divorce?  

Ruth Sacro, Marikina City: I still believe in marriage. Stay, if you still can, and if there is still love left; but if trust and respect are gone, then might as well live separate lives.
Cris Rivera, Rizal: No, a child who knows that his parents are separated will feel dejected. What’s beneficial for the Philippines is a happy and progressive family.

Sanctity of family
Armando Tavera, Las Piñas City: Divorce is only an option, but not the right solution. Filipinos have a high regard for the sanctity of marriage. Importante pa rin na buo ang pamilya.
Desuel Pardo, Mandaluyong City: Makasasama sa bansa yan dahil lubusan nang mawawala ang sagradong layunin at diwa ng kasal na isa sa mga natatanging gintong pamana ng ating masayang nakalipas.
Dr. Jose Balcanao, Benguet: Money-wise, it would benefit the government because of the high price of divorce. But morally, it would destroy the moral fabric of the family because the sanctity of marriage is destroyed. Divorce is good only when there is physical or death threat to either spouse.

Failed marriages
Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte: If the divorce law would be well-crafted to benefit couples with irreconcilable differences, I believe it would be beneficial.
Louella Brown, Baguio City: It would be beneficial for the Philippines to legalize divorce. I have witnessed a number of failed marriages that cannot work anymore, no matter what.
Ryan Pahimulin, Rizal: If a limb is hopelessly gangrenous and a torture, why not amputate it?
C.B. Manalastas, Manila: Why not, if the cause of the marriage break-up is irreconcilable, and considering the number of separated married couples illegally living in with another partner? Divorce will legally free couples from being accused of adultery or concubinage, although this may run counter to the teaching of the church.
Jose Nobela, Ligao City: Legalizing divorce is justice out of misery. If divorce would mean putting an end to the plight of both parties into the strictures of religious and legal precepts, then this is a solution.
Elpidio Que, Vigan: It is a fact that countless marriages have turned sour, to the point of having violent consequence. Pretending to be “happily married” is the name of the game for many of them. Allowing them to divorce would be positive for them, so they could go their separate ways to find their real soul mates. Not allowing them would be cruelty of the highest order. Unlike divorce, marriage annulment is a long, tedious and costly process.
Destroys the basic unit of society
Edwin Chinel Monares, Rizal: No, it will be detrimental. Legalizing divorce is tantamount to destroying the basic unit of society.
Dr. Mel Jaingue, Quezon City: The legalization of divorce would not benefit our country as it would destroy the basic unit of society. Our Catholic nation gives so much value to making the family intact. Children of broken families are affected morally and psychologically, and this will eventually have an adverse impact on our country.
Rey Onate, Palayan City: The legalization of divorce will destroy the basic unit of our society, the family. Strong family ties make us unique.
Rene Poder, Manila: Even in the US, with its golden economic opportunities and social safety nets, poverty is high among divorced women with children. Gagaya tayo?
Carmel Felicitas, Pasig City: Many would say that the doctrine of the Catholic Church contributes to our backward view on marriage. Yes, we are now the only country in the world that doesn’t permit divorce, and this is mainly due to our religious belief in the sanctity of marriage. Divorce attacks the Filipino family, the basic unit of Philippine society. I don’t think divorce advocates should blame the Catholic Church for this, and that the Church and state should be separated.

What’s next?
Dennis Montealto, Mandaluyong City: There will be wholesale separation of marital unions, I foresee. What will they think of next? Pass a measure for euthanasia, abortion, same-sex marriage?
Elmo Cruz, Manila: If and when artificial means of birth control is enacted, legalizing divorce in the country will be in the offing. Next will be same-sex marriage and other bills that are offensive to God. Whatever benefit divorce and other immoral laws bring to the country, it is the soul of many Filipinos that will suffer.

Preempt crimes of passion
Pedro Alagano Sr., Vigan City: Yes, as it will become an antidote to minimize and/or preempt murder and other crimes related to infidelity.

Another chance at happiness
Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City: It is a fact of life that failed marriages exist. Legalizing divorce would be beneficial for those seeking another chance.
Jayson Biadog, Mandaluyong City: Yes, because we like freedom and we are not all perfect. In pursuit of happiness, we must all accept human error.

It will affect the kids
Eduardo Santos, Metro Manila: Legalizing divorce will only increase the number of delinquent children in our society.
Elenita Galvez, Quezon City: Divorce signals confusion among high school students about the true meaning of morality.
Miguelito Herrera, Cabanatuan City: The children will be affected. It will create more problems for them.
Gerii Calupitan, Muntinlupa City: Kawawa ang mga bata. Look at our stars, they rush into wedlock, then file for annulment shortly after. ‘Yun lang kumadre ko, nagpa-annul muna bago nagpakasal. What more kung may divorce ditto? My wife Julie might not be perfect, but we have survived 25 years of marriage warzone last January. In contrast, my pretty business partner lives with her husband just for the sake of their kids. As a Christian, she is anti-divorce, 100 per cent.

What are we so afraid of?
Rosalie Favila, Metro Manila: Most countries in the world have divorce, but a lot of them stay married till death. Anong kinakatakot mg mga Filipino sa divorce? Dahil ba maraming mga kilalang tao sa lipunan na doble-doble ang asawa? Di ba grave sin din yun?

For the rich
Ignacio Anacta, Metro Manila: Legalizing divorce in our beloved country will benefit only the rich, and may even perpetuate their evil ways more.
Ruel Bautista, Laguna: Divorce is expensive. It would only favor the rich, but would leave a deep wound, with kids caught between.
Ella Arenas, Pangasinan: Do we still need divorce when we already have annulment and legal separation? I am against it as it’s pro-rich.
Duardo Dilag, Metro Manila: The divorce issue is as equally contentious as the RH bill but it is unnecessary at this point in time because we have laws granting marriage annulment. To the great dismay of Catholics, even the Church grants the same. Only the rich will benefit if passed as law.

Grounds for divorce
Ishmael Calata, Parañaque City: I don’t see anything beneficial to the Philippines if divorce is legalized here. What I can speculate, if ever divorce is passed, is that it will benefit: 1. Only married couples with legitimate reasons to part ways; and 2. those with the propensity to call it quits, even for the flimsiest reason, who may tend to abuse the divorce law. As for the first, the basis for divorce must still be those accepted by the Catholic Church.
Joan Cejes, Makati City: With concrete reasons for divorce, good. But if no, that would be very bad. Nakakatakot pag nagkataon.

So showbiz
Ric Vergara, Calamba: No, only showbiz people will benefit from divorce.
Rico Fabello, Parañaque City:  No, divorce is not necessary. Local showbiz people know how to handle this. Let’s do it the way they do.

The government will make a killing
Robert Young Jr., San Juan: If divorce is legalized, one thing for sure, the happiness index among unhappy married couples will zoom. As to how the Philippine government will benefit will depend on how much they are going to charge couples for the filing fee.
Jose Fabello Jr., Cagayan de Oro City: I do not see it benefiting the country, but the legal profession should make a killing if divorce is legalized.

Will it help our economy?
Lorenzo Fernandez Jr., Cabanatuan City: Why talk about divorce? Have we solved our problems on corruption, unemployed graduates, crimes, and poverty? Why prioritize divorce, RH bill, and the like? Are we really that amorous?
Antonio Villanueva, Laguna: A divorce bill will not lure investors, improve employment/food production, and will only add to our oversupply of the most irresponsible parents on earth.
Alexander Raquepo, Ilocos Sur: I think we are again derailing our attention and focus on more immediate and serious matters of national interest, like poverty alleviation, flooding, school facilities, traffic, etc. The divorce issue can take the sidelines for the moment, since we already have legal separation and annulment.
Dr. Francis Regalado, Manila: There are more important issues in the Philippines rather than divorce. Solve poverty and corruption, and perhaps more couples will not resort to separation, because they would have less arguments.

Everybody will ask for it
Carmela Ramento, Cagayan de Oro City: Legalize divorce and most everyone married will ask for it, even for the flimsiest of reasons. Only the costs will prevent it from happening.
Johann Lucas, Quezon City: It would be beneficial for the Philippines to have divorce, provided that the right rules/ grounds on getting a divorce are elaborated clearly. Otherwise, too many Filipinos will get a divorce or take advantage of it.

RH Bill must come first
Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City: Congress should pass the RH bill first before legalizing divorce.

We don’t need it
Rex Earlou Calmerin, Iligan City: It’s like legalizing marijuana. Therefore, there is no point in it.
Antonio Bello, Manila: A big no! There is nothing from it that will benefit the country! It will only benefit a small sector of our country. To tell the truth, many married couples that separated have now been living with new partners. The way it is in the Philippines, divorce is not needed.
Jesus Mendoza, Pangasinan: No need to legalize divorce in the Philippines as it already exists in the form of annulment of marriage, which differs from nullity of the marriage contract.

Divorce vs. annulment
June Deoferio, Cavite: It will help ease the process of annulment cases filed in court if we legalize divorce. Both parties are free and happy.
J.R. Mondonedo Jr., Parañaque City: I am all for it. In a divorce, conjugal property is split, and you are obligated to give support to your children. The Philippines claims to be the only Catholic country in Asia, and does not want to legalize divorce, and yet you will find many mistresses and only those who can afford it who get their marriage annulled. Those who are against divorce are nothing but hypocrites, am I right? We all want our marriages to work out, but divorce is the only way we are given a chance to move on and be happy again instead of being stuck with a partner till kingdom come despite irreconcilable differences.

In keeping with the times
Germi Sison, Cabanatuan City: Legalizing divorce in the Philippines will ease the burden of separated or irreconcilable couples. They can go on their separate way and be free to remarry a new spouse. Broken homes are prevalent anyway among families, even without divorce. Others, however, may be wont to abuse this law, with no more second thought on getting married, as when they find it as a wrong decision, divorce will be the answer. I see no benefit, however, for the country, except for keeping up with the Joneses.
Pong Tenazas, Quezon City:  Yes, of course. Though we wish all married couples the very best in life, we cannot turn a blind eye to the reality that there really are broken relationships, no matter how we try to fix them. That’s why we have to deal with it by legalizing divorce. I hope there are better solutions, though.
Dondon Bautista, Metro Manila: Kung sa Rome, mayroon divorce, why not in the Philippines? We are only one of two countries in the world that does not recognize divorce. Brazil is made up of 80 per cent Catholics but divorce is legal.
Jim Veneracion, Naga City: It would indirectly be beneficial to the Philippines, while directly benefitting many couples that have long suffered from failed relationships. Notwithstanding the expected opposition of the church, divorce would be a welcome relief to the ever-increasing number of failed marriages. Let’s face it, it’s like hell on earth living in an irreconcilable marriage, and it could even shorten your life because of the stress. Lastly, divorce is most practical and is in keeping with the modern times.

Can we do it?
Felix Ramento, USA: The question is, can we do it? We cannot even pass a measure as vital as a sustainable population management program.
Deo Durante, Camarines Sur: No matter how many laws we have in the Philippines, these are of no use because we don’t implement it right or obey properly. Besides, our laws have not enough teeth or fangs versus violators.

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Why is the Philippines so afraid of changes? Change is good. Let's not be stuck, open your mind. YES to RH BILL and DIVORCE!"
May Legal Separation na. May Annulment na. Ano to pag dedebatihan naman ang Divorce. Hay Ano ba yan...."
Divorce is not a window for trial and error for worst case scenario!! Worst case!!"
I want to read the so-called Divorce Bill first before reacting. Our antiquated annulment laws leave much to be desired." Facebook Page

Doris Zontua   "Ang mag asawang hinde din naman nagkakasundo at madalas mag away mas maganda pang mag diborsiyo kesa sa nakikita ng kanilang anak ang araw araw nilang pag tutuos. Anong leksiyon ang matutunan ng bata sa kani kanilang magulang. Di ba sa bandang huli ang anak din nila ang mag su-suffer. Pero ang mga bata ngayong panahon na ito mas mautak pa kesa sa matatanda." 

Bongards "Lawyers and Judges are making thousands if not millions out of it, just simply play around, complainant wait for years and mostly end up nothing." 

pro-philippines"Dapat bago magpakasal siguraduhin mo na sya talaga ang mahal mo at sakanya mo ibibgay ang buong buhay mo."

Psylom  'Instead of a Divorce Law, maybe mas magandang higpitan ang pagpapakasal... to make sure na lahat ng magpapakasal ay sigurado at handa sa papasukin nila." 

parang kanin   by pro-philippines on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 06:28

sa kanin kinikompare ang kasal dati yan ang tinuro ng mga magulang natin. Ang ibig sabihin nyan tht Marriage is a LIFETIME DECISION. Pag naaprove yan pagnagpakasal ka at nagsawa ka may divorce naman hanggang di mo lang namamalayan na 10 beses ka na nagpakasal. Dapat bago magpakasal siguraduhin mo na sya talaga ang mahal mo at sakanya mo ibibgay ang buong buhay mo. I am pro-RH but anti-divorce and i am PROUD FILIPINO, THE ONLY NATION WITH NO DIVORCE LAW. wag tayo sunod ng sunod sa ibang bansa

Don't just think. Think right.

by Juan Pagod on Mon, 09/13/2010 - 21:45
To all of these self-righteous and hypocrite people who wanted to impose continuous hardship with already ailing lives of our fellow Filipino's.
Why don't we put all available options on the table and let those concerned individuals chose what solution suits them best given that they satisfy any legal obligation they must comply?
Is that too much for the "free people" and the so called Filipino "freedom"?
And why don't you stop shoving your obsolete-non-functional-old-age rhetorics of this and that and try opening your brain for some fresh air and start living in the 21st century where every viable option is used for the benefit of majority.
Not politically and religiously but what is really needed for the Filipino people to feel we are being heard and being given what we really needed.
We know our beloved country will be better without these hypocrites and selfish sheep disguised individuals.

 Lezuric Xin "Tayo na lang ang tanging bansang wala pang divorce. Pero para sakin, kilala tayong mga Pilipino ang pagiging malalapit sa ating mga kapamilya, hindi kaya mawala din itong magandang katangian nating mga Pilipino kung may divorce bill na ipatutupad? Siguro maging responsable na lamang tayo sa mga desisyon na dapat nating gawin. Sabi nga nasa huli ang pagsisisi.. tsk"
April Casquejo Sang-ayon ako. Kung gusto talaga ng gobyerno na isakatuparan ang demokrasya sa bansa, hahayaan nito ang nakararami na pumili-- na umalis sa posibleng mapang-abuso o miserableng buhay mag-asawa.
Karen Maralit Sang ayon ako sa divorce,oo nga't lbag ito sa kautusan ng dyos ngunit mas msma nmn n patuloy n mgsama ang magasawa khit wla n clang pagmamahal at respeto sa isat isa...plagi cnsbi n hndi dpat maghwlay dhil kwawa ang mga bta pero dba mas kawawa cla kung sa araw2 ay puro away at skitan ang nkikita nla!sna lwakan nla ang knilang pang unawa s bill n ito...:/
Renato Noynay Tama ang pinag-isa na Diyos walang karapatan ang tao, kasi tayong mga tao masyadong makamundo isinasantabi natin ang buhay espiritwal, dapat ang pagmamahal sa asawa laging ipadama tulad nong magsyota pa lang.
Joie Bernardo Nagpakasal nga kau eh tpos mghhwlay kau?panu ung bata?ou ssaya ung mgasawa n mghhwlay pero panu naman ung mga anak nila?hhyaan b nlang mgsuffer ung kids f0r their own happiness?ou my nbbugbog kya gsto mgdiv0rce,bkt hnd m ipakul0ng? ANG PINAGSAMA NG DIYOS HINDI PWDENG PAGHIWALAYIN NG TAO!!!
Shiela Peñamante Ano, dahil lang sa nag iisang bansa na ang Pilipinas sa mundo na walang divorce eh makikiuso na tayo? Pag legal na divorce, sa halip na ayusin ng mag asawa ang problema nila, magpafile na lang sila ng divorce without thinking what would be the consequences. Eh mas malaking porsyento ng gusto ng divorce eh yung nangangaliwa. Pag isipang mabuti dapat bago magpakasal kasi nagkakaroon lang ng failed marriages kasi hindi winork-out ng mag asawa.

Maricon Reburon
"Not favor..ginagawa na nlang laro ang pagpa2kasl, na pag pingswaan ita2pon nlng..."

"...not favor :/ because...if this be approved...then i would marry without thinking about the consequences kasi... there's divorce... i can switch whenever and wherever i want to :) diba? lol will encourage something that will make Philippines...not Philippines anymore...
and besides, this issue will always fall under the laws of The Lord."

Jewel Cacananta Libunao
 "nsa s inu n un qng tao o Diyos ang susundin nu" 
WalterJohn Villaflor
"no i'm not bec. they need to respect the vows they have gven to each other. There are greater and easier solutions than divorse"

 "I am in favor of divorce in the Philippines because there is a need to. I just felt like it."

Jenica M. Navarro ☑

Angelica Rafanan
 "DIVORCE is a no no for us. Hindi yun ang solusyon sa problema ng mag-asawa."

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