A day for Ilocos: Ilocos Sur First District Special Election

Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in Hong Kong January 31.

He told the judge,
    “I apologise to the people of Hong Kong. This was a very big mistake and in the process, I have ruined my name and reputation, embarrassing my family and causing pain to my girlfriend.” “I’ve never been more remorseful in my life. This is just the beginning of my problems. Not knowing my fate back home has cause me a great deal of pain.” “I ask you to find it in your heart to… sentence me with leniency. There’s nothing more I want than to go on with my life.” 

Rep. Ronald Singson: Continuing his father's legacy of public service
Of the 80 or so new faces in the House of Representatives, one of them is a young man who has the distinction of having a father whose daring exploits including that of being the central figure behind the unseating of a President may find no parallel in the future.

Rep. Ronald Singson is considered by many in his province as the fair-haired boy of controversial former Ilocos Sur Governor Luis "Chavit" Singson.

The description is not baseless, and he deserves it. He is always the first to come to his father's side and aid especially when the going gets rough. He was beside him all throughout the "expose" and "impeachment" episodes, first when the older Singson mounted his daring expose in Club Filipino against then President Joseph Estrada, his buddy and political ally, for various alleged venalities; and subsequently during Estrada's impeachment trial in the Senate.

As one of his aides told the STAR, it was not as if Ronald did not trust his father's security men but his act came out of his deep affection and filial loyalty to his Dad. "He is fiercely devoted to his father, he was willing to put his own life on the line," one would say.

It was noted that Gov. Singson's life was under constant threat when he parted away from Estrada "especially during those times when he openly assailed him and became star witness in the impeachment trial."
Ronald's own political career began when he topped the polls for Ilocos Sur's provincial board in 2001. He duplicated the feat in 2004.

Last elections, he emerged victorious after a gruelling race for the first district congressional seat. He was pitted against a scion of the prominent Baterina clan, lawyer Trandy Baterina who ran under the Liberal Party banner.

The youthful congressman vowed to perform well, attend committee meetings and strive to be present in all House sessions.

He pledged to put to completion two major super region projects located in his district which President Arroyo has visited. These are the Port Salomague development project in Cabugao town which his father initiated and the Banaoang Pump Irrigation project that his predecessor former Rep. Salacnib Baterina began.
Construction work on both projects are in full swing but Rep. Singson promised to work on additional funding if they fall short of funds. The Salomague projects will generate thousands of jobs with factories envisioned to locate in the port while the irrigation project targets to irrigate farmlands in eight towns of the first district.
On tourism, he would work for the expansion of the Vigan airport to accommodate international flights. He acknowledged the growing popularity of Vigan and Sta. Maria town as Unesco-listed World Heritage sites which he said are tourist drawers.

Now, we have two candidates for the Special Election for the Congregational seat. Let's take a look on their profile.

Atty. Trandy Baterina


Grad School


High School
 "Aramaten tayo daytoy a gundaway, Para ti progreso ken napudno a panagbalbaliw"


Ryan Luis Versoza Singson

Educational Background

Primary School                                 Judson School, Arizona, United States of America
Elementary/Intermediate                  BRENT International School, Pasig City
Secondary                                         BRENT International School, Pasig City

College                                              De la Salle University, College of Saint Benilde
                                                            Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Institution Management  2000-2004

 Professional Background
General Manager Vigan Plaza Hotel

President FEARLESS Productions       A company that had produced several concerts of local and international artist

Vice Mayor City of Vigan

A man who is born with a heart for the common people. Selfless service towards his fellow Bigueńos runs in his blood. This calling drove him to run for the position of Vice Mayor last 2010 elections and came out victorious. Epitomizes selfless service,dedication and hardwork. The man behind the tag line, “Vigan is my Legacy, Serving is my Destiny”.



Efren Rafanan on Facebook :


Chavit Republic Update
by Ilocos Sur on Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 6:52am
Ilocos Sur district 1 is in full swing for the upcoming snap elections on May 28 to replace convicted Ronald Singson of the Congress Representative post. Vying for the post are Ryan Singson, one of Ronald's younger brothers (at Mrs. Evelyn Singson's side), and Trandy Baterina, a lawyer and son of Atty. Ben Baterina (brother of Salacnib Baterina). 

Interesting quotes (not exact but am trying to be as close) snippets during the press conference, where the local media were also "napabaratuan diay inabak ni Gov Chavit manipud maudi a laban ni Pakyaw" (which I gave my driver-bodyguard - I have a reputation to protect, so I have to wash hands like a pontius pilate - and pardon me, at least you'll have an idea why local media can sometimes be called cheap. we don't wanna be. i mean, waiting there for the main man should have given me a chance to cultivate my now dehydrated garden-wannabe, or ghostwriting for saudi royals for a slightly bigger amount, but my public service career for fellow ilocanos has started, so bear with me and I'll deliver)...

Assessment on the snap election:
"Nalpasen ti resulta... amin a mayores ken kapkapitan, nakikampanya da para kenni Ryan... masapul a mangted ti paggasulina ken paggasto dagiti lideres a ta saanda met makakuti no awan ti kuarta... (ngem) diak pay napadasan naggatang ti botos..."


Chavit emphasized on the existing Chavit Admin political machinery which he said must be well-organized and not some kind of "kulto" like the College of Mysteries, apparently founded by Efren "Rambo" Rafanan:

"...Saan a kasla kaniada a pagnegosyo da. Siak ket ited ko amin a maur-or nga pundo para election."

REJOINDER: I have always wondered why the heck did Trandy not maxmimized his resources during the campaign; the presence of Ana Roces and friends on any town campaign could have earned him probably half the vote! without even trying, such a waste, Mr. TRandy! And a roving mobile with a 3rd rate jingle is already called an election campaign? Or the NAMFREL forum which the Singsons believe was a set-up? I would have loved to be a campaign manager...

On reconciliation with Erap:
"Amin a nakalkalaban ko ti politika ket makadduak met laeng. Kitaenyo ni Bongbong Crisologo, maminpito nak a pinatambang ket ita, agkaddua kami met laeng. In politics, there are no permanent friends, only temporary allies..."

On Ronald's case:
Diay opisyal a nakapatangko diay Hong Kong, kunana, agpapada met la ti paglintegan ti Hong Kong ken Pilipinas. (The Chinese said): Ditoy, mainplimentar. Diay yanyo (Pilipinas), saan."
Rough ENglish TRanslation: The Hongkong official told me that we have the same sets of laws. In Hong Kong, the laws are implemented, in the Philippines, laws are not implemented."

On Atty Ben Baterina and Trandy:
Isuna, ammona ti linted ta abogado, ngem ania ti ar-aramidenna, na-suspinde isuna gapu ta agdawat ti kuarta manipud kadagiti kliyente na. Naka record daytoy a pinirmaan ti kinse nga judges! Ket kunada, no ania ti poon, isunto metla ti sanga!

On Ilocos Sur progress:
Kunada nga awan progreso ti Ilocos Sur. Kagapgapuk diay Cebu, ikompararyo ti probinsiya tayo ti sabali, a kas ti Cebu, makitayo ti dakkel a diperensiya! Manipud 2 million idi nagtugawnak, nagbalin a 600-800 million (PhP) ti income ti probinsiya tayo!

On New Ombudsman:
Urayno no inaldaw nga agsukat ti Ombudsman, welcome kaniak. No agpatingga laeng ti alegasion ti saw-saw-en ken pammabasulda kaniak, awan banagna. Ibagada a buntunan dak ti kaso, ket aramiden da a...

For Ryan (as expected new congressman):
Narigat ti biag ti politico. Dakkel a sacrificio ti bagi ken pamilya ta toy pay laeng kampanya ket nariknanan ti rigat a mapan kadagiti amin a kapkapitan ken mayores... ngem nayon amin dayta ti kinayatna a pagbalinan.
  Nu kayat mo ti reporma ibotos mo ti kandidato nga mangitakder ken mangisubli daytoy nadadelnga nagan ti ili tayo. Ti makunak lang kas maysa nga Ilocano, "Isalakan mo kuma Apo daytoy probinsya mi"

Let the new name, a new administration!

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